Awards Roll Call

It is always nice to be recognised for something that you put effort into and blogs are no different.  There is a lot of debate over whether you should put your blog forward for awards and what the worth of being nominated/shortlisted and so on is.  I think that in a world where there are thousands of blogs and a very saturated market in family travel blogs, whatever your view being involved with certain blogging awards can only be a positive.  And, it is a great way to discover new blogs and make blogger connections.

However, I do hate peppering my blog with the many ‘badges’ you are offered when you are asking for nominations or want to show you were shortlisted/a finalist/a winner etc which is why I’ve decided to strip my blog of these badges unless a nomination/voting season is open.  Therefore the four badges at the bottom of my homepage are relevant and link to something interesting such as another blogger’s travel linky or a site which details a hundred great travel bloggers.

I hold my hand up and admit I’ve kept the UK National Blog Awards winner badge as I’m really proud of it, it was their inaugural awards and the very first one that my blog has won.

Being from a marketing background I understand it’s always good for a brand to be able to show off about what they have achieved which is what this post is about and will hopefully be an easy reference for any brand who may want to work with me and who see awards as one of the measures of credibility.

So, in no particular order, aroundtheworldwithahighchair has to date achieved:

– winner of the UK National Blog Awards 2014, Best Travel Blog

– MAD Blog Awards; 2014 finalist and 2015 shortlisted in the Best Family Travel Blog category

– BritMum’s Brilliance in Blogging Awards: 2013 and 2014 shortlisted in Family Travel category


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