Begur and L’Estartit

During our week in Empuriabrava we went on a few trips out to see the surrounding areas and one of our favourites was going to Begur and the beach at L’Estartit.

Begur had come up a few times when I was researching places to go on the Costa Brava and all the guidebooks and websites I’d read were very favourable about it, often described as one of the most beautiful places in the area.  It is a good mixture of town and coastline and for those who are staying there longer is meant to be a great place to try water sports.

Begur was about an hour’s drive away from our villa and we saw some stunning scenery on the approach with the castle ruins presiding over the town of Begur and hills below.  There is a lovely square with restaurants and all the buildings are beautifully restored.


A great place to relax and watch the world go by in Begur

The castle ruins were on top of a hill which wasn’t as steep as it first appeared.  Master ATWWAH and his four year old legs managed the walk ok and Mini ATWWAH managed to hail a ride on his father’s shoulders rather than sitting in his pram.


Laughing in the face of a pram or baby carrier…..

The views at the top were tremendous, on one side you can admire the town below with its colonial style houses and alleys.  On the other side you have amazing views of the Mediterranean and can check out the people below enjoying the sea.


Views as you climb the hill in Begur

Master ATWWAH loved exploring and pretending that he was defending the castle and hiding behind the battlements.  Mr ATWWAH and I kept trying to get a decent selfie together, as you do.  Mini ATWWAH was enjoying the snacks with his grandparents keeping a close eye on him.

The castle is of medieval origin and the first feudal lord was documented at the beginning of the 11th century.  In 1810 the castle was subjected to its final destruction during the Napoleonic Wars.


Spotting the baddies


Obligatory top of castle ruins selfie

We spent around 30 minutes at the top and then wandered back down to the square to find somewhere for lunch.  There were lots of tapas restaurants and we went to Sa Caleta for a great tapas lunch while the kids had their usual burger.  They served sangria by the glass only, thankfully the glass was big.

On our way back to the villa we stopped at L’Estartit, a seaside resort which Mr ATWWAH remembered from his childhood.  Apparently it is now not that popular as it was in the 1980’s when the mass tourism boom occurred in the town.  Tourism numbers have dwindled since the 1990’s. We just headed to the beach for a paddle and a play with a bucket and spade which was fun before the drive back to the villa.


The beach at L’Estartit

I definitely recommend a visit to Begur, it was impressive, and looked a great place to have as a base for a holiday on the Costa Brava.  And if you are looking for a day at the beach you could do a lot worse than L’Estartit.

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  1. Love those views – and I can never have too many castles!

  2. I’ve fancied Costa Brava for a while now – what a beautiful region. And amazing views! Beaches and castles – winners! #MondayEscapes

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