Book Festivals and Toddlers – the perfect mix?

Thanks to Mrs V-S for this contribution after a recent trip to the Hay Literary Festival.  It appears book festivals and toddlers may just mix.


I was working at the Hay Festival again this year, but this time I decided on the brave move of bringing along my partner and 2 year old.

We stayed at a friend’s cottage in the middle of nowhere not even accessible by car.

Most of the time I was working but the Hay Literary Festival is great for kids. Age 4 – early teens is ideal as 4 is probably the youngest age for the picture book events. And there are fab author events for all ages. But even at 2 Sam enjoyed the Make and Take tent and if it had been sunny there’s loads of space to run around.

Sadly it rained pretty solidly for us, but Sam’s rain suit meant we could still take him out into the fields for long walks and to see the animals.

Boy meets cow

Forget the books there are animals to befriend

Could have done without the epic tantrum on the train home though!

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