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So, did tents and toddlers mix?

Earlier this year I posted about whether tents and toddlers mixed in anticipation of going to The Big Feastival with Master ATWWAH.  It would be his first ‘sleeping in a tent experience’ and after re-reading the post just now I had set pretty high standards for the […]

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Festival Prep

As anyone who knows me will confirm I love a list.  My phone is full of them, I have notebooks where I regularly jot down lists, I start each day at work with a things to do list.  They make my mind feel a lot less cluttered. […]

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Do tents and toddlers mix?

We have bought camping tickets for this year’s Big Feastival and I’m already in the process of planning what to pack. I have camped twice before.  The first time was with a gang of girl friends in the most glorious weather in Cornwall.  Five girls, one big […]

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