Christmas gift idea for kids who like to travel

I couldn’t resist buying this book for Master ATWWAH as a Christmas gift when I was in Oliver Bonas recently.

book cover

How could this book cover not catch your eye?

The picture doesn’t do it justice but the book is huge and hardback and it just really stood out.  I was even more in love when I opened it and discovered this sort of illustration with so much detail and something for all ages.  There is the usual info you’d find in a book for kids like the flag of the country etc but also really interesting information in illustrative form.  I can imagine older kids wanting to find out more about certain illustrations and it being a great way to introduce learning about geography to kids, without them realising they were about to learn something.  They still teach geography in schools in terms of countries and continents etc don’t they????

Page of book

All you need to know about India in illustrations

I can’t wait to share it with Master ATWWAH and also use it as a great way to introduce somewhere new that we are going to.  We already look on a globe at how close or far away places are from us so I think this book will be a really good way to excite him more about the world.

The only criticism is it only covers around 50 countries and some places like the UAE seem to be missing.  Although the book is big enough as it is so maybe they can do a volume two.

Any other good travel related books you can recommend?

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