Dali Theatre and Museum, Figueres

While we were in Empuriabrava we had a morning in Figueres, about a 30 minute drive away.  Figueres is the hometown of Salvador Dali so it comes as no surprise that there is a museum there dedicated to him, the Dali Theatre and Museum.  It also houses other museums too including a toy museum and one which is dedicated to inventions.

Once we’d parked our car in the hottest underground car park we’ve ever been in, with the tightest corners, not great in a Mercedes Vito, we came across this fountain. Master ATWWAH loves a water feature.  What you can’t see on this photo are the benches full of locals all sat watching us like we were slightly mad for getting so excited about this.

water feature

Things are looking up in Figueres, there is a water feature

My main reason for wanting to go to Figueres though was the Dali Theatre and Museum.  Originally the building was a theatre and was the first place to showcase his art publicly when he was starting out.  It burnt down during the Spanish Civil War but in 1960 Dali and the mayor of Figueres at the time decided to rebuild it as a museum dedicated to the town’s most famous son.  It opened in 1974 and has been expanded throughout the years, it is now an impressive museum which includes buildings and courtyards.

It claims to house the largest and most diverse collection of works by Dali showcasing works from all the decades of his career, sculptures, collages and other curiosities.  It also houses a selection of works collected by Dali from other artists.  And, Dali is actually buried in a crypt below the stage at the museum.

Both Master and Mini ATWWAH are pretty young for museums but we thought that we would chance it and see how they got on with it.  I figured that Dali wasn’t a conventional artist and there would be something there that would entertain them or capture their imagination.  I wasn’t wrong.

There was a 30 minute wait to get in which was helped by buying ice cream for the kids and Master ATWWAH’s constant monologue about what was going on.  Unsurprisingly prams weren’t allowed in the museum so we took it in turns to carry Mini ATWWAH.  I can’t wait until when he can walk unaided, not long now.

I can’t pretend I know loads about art, as I don’t, so I won’t write a commentary about everything we saw.  All you need to know is it’s definitely worth a visit.  There is lots to see and read about although admittedly with the kids there I didn’t get chance to read into everything as much as I’d have liked to.


Courtyard at Dali Theatre and Museum


Master ATWWAH was fascinated by these

Abraham Lincoln picture

You can spot the famous Abraham Lincoln artwork

Mae West set up

Not quite getting the Mae West effect as the queue for the viewing platform was huge and Mini ATWWAH was crawling around the floor and screaming.

You don’t have to book in advance but expect queues on the day and the admission price is pretty reasonable for everything you see.  Under 8’s are free and everyone else is 12 euro with some concessions for senior citizens and groups.   You can book in advance if you like though and receive a time slot.  There are also night tours of the museum available which I imagine are great with older kids, or without kids.

After the museum we headed for some lunch.  There were lots of nice looking restaurants dotted around and we opted for Churraskita where we all had a chicken skewer dish.  The kids menu only had one dish and amusingly it had everything that kids might like, all on one plate, so a bit of burger, some pasta and so on.  They seemed to like it.

There was more to do in Figueres with the other museums and lots of shops but we decided to leave after lunch as we’d got around the Dali Museum without incident and the temperatures were soaring so we headed back to our villa and the pool.  It’s definitely worth a visit though if you are in the region.

Do your kids give you the chance to soak up a bit of culture on holiday or would you rather avoid museums?

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  1. This is somewhere I’d love to visit
    – never quite been close enough so far. These days, if I really want to go to a museum, I tend to try as my daughter surprises me sometimes with what she likes. I can imagine Dali might go down well too.

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