My ‘Danger Chip’

It didn’t take Mr ATWWAH long after us first meeting to realise I have, what he calls, a ‘Danger Chip’, especially when it comes to physical activities.  I’d call it common sense but he prefers Danger Chip.

At secondary school I went on two adventure holidays, one to Dorset, the other to France.  I have no idea why.   Most of the activities were terrifying – canoeing, rock climbing, abseiling – and I was always the girl in PE who questioned the teacher’s motives for us going on a cross-country run.

When I was very little I broke my arm at infant school in PE and I like to attribute that to my lack of physical adventure.  It bloody hurt.  My teacher put my pinafore back on after the PE lesson claiming I’d just bumped my arm but due to me screaming she called my mum who then took me on a very bumpy bus ride to the local A&E department.  The doctor did tell my mum the teacher could have killed me by putting the pinafore back on, although to be fair, that may have become an addition to the story the more it got told.  So, six weeks off school with my arm in plaster (those were the days where you weren’t allowed back in school with an injury) my sense of physical adventure evaporated.

On our very first holiday together Mr ATWWAH and I went to Barbados.  He was very excited at the prospect of jet-skiing and again my lack of spirit surfaced and I stayed rooted to my sun lounger while he tried to persuade me to join in.  Had he not seen Howard’s Way???  Poor Claude died during a jet ski incident.  I sat watching Mr ATWWAH bashing around on the jet ski waiting for him to fall off and wondering where the travel insurance documents were, did they even cover dangerous sports?  His only injury though was probably to his pride as he jumped over a wall in a US cop type way just using one hand to get over on to the beach to get to the jet ski hire place and miscalculated how high the wall was and went flying onto the beach and then popped his head back up over the wall to say he was fine.  Bless.  I can still now be reduced to giggles thinking about it.  No wonder I was worried about him on the jet ski.

I’ve never learnt to ice skate due to the sharpness of those blades and my little fragile fingers.  Eek.  Imagine someone running over your hand in one of those skates?  But now I get a twinge of sadness when we go past winter outdoor ice skating rinks that I can’t really join in.  I went down a zip wire at a team building camp when I worked for ODEON’s marketing team, I was pretty proud of that.  And I was in my 30’s so maybe I’ve still got time to be a stuntwoman?

I don’t really want Master ATWWAH to inherit my Danger Chip though.  I imagine it’s about finding a balance as conversely I don’t want him to have no common sense and do ridiculously stupid things that could hurt him.  I’m going to have to learn to find a balance I think.  I tried really hard on our recent stay in Venice.  Master ATWWAH had no concept of the danger of the water all around him (see why I think Venice isn’t toddler friendly here) but I relented and took him on a gondola despite the recent news that a man had died and his family had been injured in a gondola accident.  As you can see from this picture I’m really relaxed about it all and not wanting to grab Master ATWWAH every time he moved.

On a gondola

Danger Chip in overdrive but must keep smiling

Mr ATWWAH really wants to go skiing as a family.  Unsurprisingly I’ve never been skiing.  It not only has the fear factor but also why do people want to go on holiday somewhere cold, where you have to wear uncomfortable boots, climb hills, fall down hills, dangle off ski lifts (my biggest fear) and drink hot chocolate in a quest to stay warm?  I may take some convincing yet, watch this space.



  1. Brilliant, I too think I must have the ‘danger chip’ as you call it, my poor children must have inherited a part of it from me. There must be a good balance between letting them do anything they want and being terrified they will hurt themselves all the time. Maybe one day I’ll find that balance too.

  2. Oh I totally have a ‘danger chip’! I spend many a day with my eyes covered, not looking at whatever crazy activity my kids are taking part in! I see danger everywhere, but I do my absolute best not to pass that on to my children. My daughter has ice skating lessons and I worry about her fingers getting chopped off every week lol. The kids have done all sorts of things that push my stress levels to the max – hire wires, building and then attempting to sail their own rafts on a lake, trampolining – you name it, they’ve done it! I come home relieved but exhausted from the stress and they come home exhausted but exhilarated from the thrill! It does get easier as they get older, I promise!


    ps I totally agree with you about cross-country!

    • Thanks Sam and I am looking forward to it getting easier the older Master ATWWAH is. I definitely don’t want to pass my ‘danger chip’ on.

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