Days Out – Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall

Over the last few years the South Bank in London has seen something of a change and no matter which day of the week you are there you will find something to do.  There are the big attractions like the London Eye, SEALIFE Aquarium and Dungeons as well as the more ‘turn up and see what is going on’ places like Royal Festival Hall.

For the last few years the area has gained a reputation for outdoor entertainment and festivals and 2014 is no different.  London Wonderground is back for its third year and opened in early May and runs until September.  This playground of delights has something for everybody ranging from comedy, cabaret, circus and kids shows.  For full details of what you can expect take a look here  You can just go and visit the Wonderground for a drink if you fancy as there are lots of outdoor bars and most of the shows take place in specially built structures.  Also from the end of July the outdoor area will be getting even bigger as the Udderbelly Festival moves on.


Even more fun from July at Wonderground

We booked tickets to the Monski Mouse Baby Disco Dance Hall which has a Sunday afternoon residency at the festival.  Monski Mouse is a real-life person, from Adelaide, who debuted her DJ’ing talents at the Adelaide Fringe in 2012.  The disco is aimed at kids under 5 and mixes different music styles to get them on their feet up and dancing along with their parents.

Unfortunately on the day we went Master ATWWAH had been to a birthday party in the morning and wasn’t really in the mood for a disco.  But, one of his little friends, Master B, really enjoyed it and was happy to head to the dance floor with his mum for a bit of Nelly The Elephant and one of Mr ATWWAH’s favourites, 99 Red Balloons by Nena.

the venue

The venue….

The disco is indoors but outside there is plenty for kids to look at including dodgem seating and a very colourful bar.  Meanwhile inside, Monski Mouse and her fellow dancers, all in retro, vintage gear, keep the party going with dance moves and lots of actions for the kids to copy.  It reminded me a bit of a slightly cooler baby music class and crawling babies up to toddlers would definitely enjoy it.  Most of the parents there were joining in too and alcohol is available from the bar outside if anyone needs a bit of Dutch courage to join in.

It’s definitely a lot different to Big Fish, Little Fish and is probably aimed more at the younger child but is definitely worth a Sunday afternoon trip for those in London.

Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall runs every Sunday at 3pm up until 7 September 2014 at London Wonderground, Southbank Centre site.  Tickets are available here

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