Days Out – Baby Broadway

We love a good show tune in the ATWWAH household so when I spotted that there was going to be a Baby Broadway event in our little bit of London I booked tickets for myself and Master & Mini ATWWAH.  As it was on in the school holidays tickets weren’t just restricted to babies.  The date coincided with mine and Mr ATWWAH’s wedding anniversary so I suggested he take the day off and I got him a ticket too.  (We did actually go out in the evening to do grown up stuff too.  I’m not that mean.)

Back to Baby Broadway.  The idea is to introduce young ears to popular show tunes and give parents a bit of musical entertainment too.  The event was held in Balham Baptist Church on a Friday morning and the show lasted 45 minutes, just long enough to hold little people’s attention.

There were two performers, John Addison and Robine Landi, both with lots of theatre experience including Sweeney Todd, The Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, Me and My Girl….the list goes on.  They were accompanied by Chris Whitehead on piano.

Baby Broadway

Nothing like a Friday morning show tune

As it was in a church the seating was in rows but the introduction at the start said children were welcome to come and sit on the floor at the front.  Singing along was encouraged which lots of the parents did.  And the performers were great at making eye contact with the kids sat at the front and smiling away and doing little dances, they put a lot of effort and energy into it.

Annoyingly some parents chatted away to each other during the performance which was really irritating.  Obviously at shows like this, with lots of kids, there is always lots of background noise from the kids but it did get a bit annoying hearing the not-so-low hum of chat from adults.  I get that it’s nice to catch up with your friends but it was a bit rude doing it when someone was on stage singing.

Baby Broadway

It takes a lot of concentration listening to show tunes

There were twelve songs in total including Do-Re-Mini, medleys from The Wizard of Oz and Frozen, Master ATWWAH’s favourite Can You Feel The Love Tonight from The Lion King and the show ended with I’m A Believer from Shrek.

Baby Broadway

The programme of tunes – read it and try not to start singing at least one of them.

Master and Mini ATWWAH both enjoyed it and clapped along and Master ATWWAH sang along to the ones he knew.  Mr ATWWAH loves a sing and at some points I could hear him more clearly than the professionals.  Both Addison and Landi had great voices, there was no doubting it, but they weren’t wearing any sort of mic so over all the adult chatter it was sometimes hard to hear them.

It was a great event though and I’d definitely take the kids again.  It may not be everyone’s idea of the best wedding anniversary present.  Tickets were around £10 each for adults with kids free of charge.  At the moment they are just running events in London.  They don’t seem to have a website yet so check out their Facebook (babybroadwayuk) and Twitter (@babybroadwayuk) for more details on their next events.

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