Days Out – Chessington World of Adventures

Mr ATWWAH and I love a theme park.  On our honeymoon we spent far too much time at Disneyland and Sea World in California.  Even on the flight home I woke up convinced I was on a theme park ride.  So, surely one of the many perks of having a child is taking them to theme parks?  We’ve decided that Master ATWWAH is too young for anything Disney yet but we can’t wait until he’s a bit older.

Instead, thanks to my Merlin staff pass, we took ourselves off to Chessington World of Adventures to see how he likes thrills.  We went on a Monday at the start of the school holidays and even though it was pretty busy, the weather was glorious and Mr ATWWAH had already booked the day off to go to a cricket match which now wasn’t happening, it didn’t feel too busy.

Getting in was easy and there were hardly any queues at all for any of the various entrances.  First stop was the ferris wheel which overlooked the log flume.  It was a short ride but definitely got Master ATWWAH in the mood.  Although he’s still only a toddler and not really old enough to go on anything himself there were enough rides to keep him entertained.  The Flying Elephants were a particular favourite and I was proud that when it was my turn to go on with him I got the elephant much higher than Mr ATWWAH.

Flying Elephants

Who knew the Flying Elephants was a terror ride?

His absolute favourite ride though was the Little Truckers.  And he went on it at least three times.  He loves anything to do with cars and trucks etc and he was completely in his element that he had driven the truck himself with either me or his dad as his passenger.

Little Truckers

Mr ATWWAH being chauffeured

The only slight disappointment with the rides was that Master ATWWAH was too short to go on the new Zufari ride, even with an adult.  We’ll have to wait until he’s a bit taller.

We also caught, by fluke, the Madagascar Live show.  Master ATWWAH has never seen the film but it didn’t matter, it was quite an entertaining fifteen minutes or so with an interesting enough tale and lots of singing and dancing.

Madagascar Live

Madagascar Live

As well as a theme park Chessington also has a zoo which features gorillas, lions and tigers.  We went along for feeding time which was pretty interesting.  Master ATWWAH loved the tigers who were ‘play fighting’ and he could have stayed watching them for hours.

We also went to the SEALIFE Centre which is in the theme park, all included in the ticket.  It was pretty busy so with a little toddler you don’t necessarily get to see everything but it was a welcome air conditioned experience on a really hot day and if it wasn’t as busy you could easily have spent longer there.  We missed meeting some of the characters from Octonauts which I know Master ATWWAH would have liked but we just timed it wrong.

The one let down for us was the food.  We ate in the Chicken Shack which was pretty quiet for the time of day.  The food was ok, nothing amazing but there wasn’t anything wrong with it.  But the actual place just felt quite dirty.  We were sat near a window where there were tons of dead insects including wasps and cobwebs and it just didn’t feel very nice.

The staff throughout the park though were brilliant.  It was a really hot day and I’m sure although it’s nice to work in the sunshine they were probably shattered but they never failed to smile and were really chatty on the rides and in the shops.

It’s definitely worth a day out and you can easily spend a whole day there.  We’re just counting down to Disneyland now.

As previously mentioned on this blog as I currently work for Merlin our entrance tickets were free.  However this review is completely honest. 



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