Days Out: Mercedes Benz World and Brooklands Museum

When Mr ATWWAH suggested we take Master ATWWAH to Mercedes Benz World on a sunny Bank Holiday I wasn’t too keen.  I like cars but not particularly looking at them with a toddler.  How interesting can it be?  But, not wanting to look like a misery I agreed.

I’m glad I did.  It wasn’t that bad at all.  Parts of Mercedes Benz World were a bit reminiscent of a glorified car showroom but some of it was interesting.  And, I got to explain the various differences of car to Master ATWWAH, ‘that’s a black one, that’s a grey one’ and ‘that one has a roof that comes off’  You know, insightful stuff.

Master ATWWAH’s favourite part was being able to watch people on their driving experiences going around the track especially where they test skidding.  That’s a technical term right?

Mercedes Benz World track

Mercedes Benz World track

I was more shocked that people pay this sort of money for a car.  Can you imagine parking it at a supermarket knowing that if you scratch it you’re scratching something worth over £100k!

Price details of car

How much?


Next to Mercedes Benz World is Brooklands Museum which has even more cars in it, and they’re not all Mercedes.  It is a history of motorcars and aviation or as the leaflet says ‘the birthplace of British motorsport and aviation’ with garages full of old cars and hangars with aeroplanes.  Probably not the place to bring a girly girl but the kids that were there when we visited were in their element.  There is a lot to see so easy to spend a whole day here.

It happened to be MOPAR Muscle Day when we visited which meant there were lots of old American cars like Dodges and Hot Rods.  I don’t know who was more excited but Mr ATWWAH squealed when he saw a blue car insisting it was just like The King from Disney’s Cars.  It was loud when its owner drove it off and has provided many an impression of it since from Master ATWWAH.

We never got to visit the London Bus Museum which is also there as Master ATWWAH declared ‘no like it’ as soon as we walked into the building and did an about turn over to an original Mini parked outside.  We’re still not sure what put him off.

There is also the Concorde experience for us to do as it was full when we visited.  Is it wrong that I’ve suggested it may be a father and son trip next time???


Mercedes Benz World is free and next to Brooklands Museum

Brooklands Museum, Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 0QN: Adults £10, Seniors £9, Children (5-16) £5.50, Under 5’s FREE (prices correct May 2013)

There were places to eat and drink at both venues as well as lots of toilets/baby changes dotted around.

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