Days Out – Paulton’s Park/Peppa Pig World

Mini ATWWAH recently celebrated his first birthday and we took him to Paulton’s Park/Peppa Pig World to celebrate.  The poor lad has had to bypass In The Night Garden due to his older brother monopolising the kids TV choices and jumped straight to Peppa and co.

For the uninitiated Peppa Pig World is within Paulton’s Park, a family theme park which is just on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire.  This makes it pretty easy to get to if you are based in the south, a bit of a trek for anyone coming from the north.  There is, however, tons of free parking once you arrive.

As with the majority of theme parks tickets are cheaper if you buy in advance.  You will make a saving of around £10-15 if you buy online before the day of your visit.  There are many different ticket options including family tickets with compositions of 3, 4 or 5 and also two day tickets which work out at good value if you are going to stay over in one of the many places close to the theme park.  That part of the country is beautiful so if you are travelling a distance definitely look into this option, there are often hotel deals in conjunction with the theme park too.  Tickets aren’t that cheap, but on a par with most theme parks, a family of 3 paying on the day costs £81.50 (£70.25 in advance)  Children under 1m go free.

What to expect from Peppa Pig World

It is small

Peppa Pig World has seven rides in total with a couple of attractions including indoor play, a splash park and a couple of photo opportunities.  The rides are all very gentle and suitable for most over 1’s.

You will get butterflies as you approach the entrance to Peppa Pig World

I think it was the squeals from children as they approached and heard the ubiquitous Peppa theme tune and saw the arch but I definitely felt excited as we made it to the gates.  I do love a theme park so that may have had something to do with it but I defy any parent who has had to endure Peppa Pig on TV not to feel a little bit emotional as they get there.  Or, maybe it had something to do with the fact that throughout the first few months of being pregnant with Mini ATWWAH I spent most mornings throwing up with Daddy Pig’s voice as the soundtrack in the background.

Peppa Pig World

The entrance to Peppa Pig World

The theming of the park is excellent

With my attractions head on (I worked in marketing for many years at Madame Tussauds and just before having Mini ATWWAH worked at Merlin Entertainments in their Site Search team) I have to give Peppa Pig World lots of kudos for the theming of the rides and the park, it was excellent.  Even the audio from the show didn’t get annoying as it all fitted in with what you were seeing or experiencing.

The operations not so good

The team who were working in the park were friendly enough but they were so slow at running the rides.  We went on a school day so it was mainly pre-schoolers in there and a couple of school trips.  It wasn’t particularly busy but the queues for the rides were too long for the number of people in the park.  There was no efficiency in getting people on and off the rides.  In a way that is nice, it’s all unhurried etc, but when you have to queue for 30 minutes to go on a ride that only lasts a couple of minutes and has a capacity of about 20 at a time it felt a bit much.

George’s Dinosaur Ride was the best one

You literally ride a dinosaur around but it had a bit more to it than some of the other rides and again the theming really helped.  There were little scenes from the series that featured as you went around and Master ATWWAH was kindly telling me what the episodes involved that they featured in.  One for the Peppa connoisseurs I think.


George’s Dinosaur Ride

Don’t bother queuing for Madame Gazelle’s School Room

It is worth going in but it is just a photo opportunity (you don’t have to buy the photo and can take your own photos) but there was quite a long queue at the time we went in.  I noticed as the day went on that there was often no queue so just keep checking back and walk straight in.

Disappointingly the photo opp is with models of Peppa and George etc, for some reason I was expecting costume characters.


The figures in Peppa’s House

We didn’t see any costume characters

On the day we were there I think there was one opportunity to meet costume characters.  You can buy an Early Pass and see them between 9am and 10am but I do think some sort of roaming costume character (albeit more expensive to hire) throughout the day is missing from the experience.  During one ride queue I was boring Mr ATWWAH with my vision of the Peppa Pig character parade.

Weigh up your timings

The queues can get long but we noticed from about 4pm the park emptied very quickly.  I think lots of people wanted to get home at a decent hour.  So, if you can stay longer then do so as the queues for rides disappear.  In the summer the park stays open until 5.30pm.

Take swimming gear

The Muddy Puddles Water Splash Park looked great.  We hadn’t brought swim stuff so had to give it a miss but on a hot day I imagine it is very popular so definitely worth taking trunks or swimming costumes.  There were lockers and big driers available.

Take a picnic

There wasn’t a huge amount of choice for food and only a couple of places had highchairs.  We headed to the WildWoods Family Restaurant at the main entrance to get some hot food and sit down.  Unfortunately we went at lunch time rather than just before or later in the afternoon and there was a 40 minute wait for food.  But, when it finally arrived it was tasty, unsurprisingly it wasn’t that cheap although probably what you would pay in a pub – £4.50 for kids meals, adult burger was £11.95 and my toasted sandwich was £9.50

What To Expect From Paulton’s Park

Mr ATWWAH definitely preferred Paulton’s Park to Peppa Pig World and it was more of a traditional theme park with some rollercoasters and a log flume.  Master ATWWAH is four and tall for his age so could go on almost anything.  Mini ATWWAH couldn’t so we stayed here during his nap time over lunch.

The water rides were our favourite

Master ATWWAH went on the log flume numerous times with the pair of us, as well as a huge water slide.  He loved them both.

log flume

You can’t beat a log flume

There are a couple of ‘tame’ rollercoasters

The rollercoasters were great fun and Master ATWWAH seems to be getting a taste for thrill seeking.


A gentle rollercoaster ride at Paulton’s Park

There are a few rides that kids can go on themselves

It was nice that Master ATWWAH could go on some of the rides by himself as they were very tame but exciting enough for him to feel ‘adult’ going on his own.

It’s great value for money

Although the admission price isn’t cheap it is definitely a full day out.  We got there around 10.30am and didn’t leave until after 5pm and we covered most of both theme parks.  We didn’t do the outdoor or indoor play at Peppa Pig World but that is mainly as we were too busy on the rides.  There is also a 4D cinema at Paulton’s Park which we didn’t get a chance to go in. I suspect Master ATWWAH would be too young anyway.

Plan ahead for your evening meal

If you are going to stay late then it is worth booking a table at The Mortimer Arms which is literally at the exit of Paulton’s Park.  Sadly we didn’t and when we got there they said there was a long wait for food so we headed to Winchester instead and Pizza Express.  But, the pub looked great, it had an outdoor area and the food looked (and smelled) great.

Have you been to Peppa Pig World or Paulton’s Park?  What did you think?  I’d love to hear what you thought and for any bloggers, feel free to leave your own Peppa Pig World/Paultons’ Park links in the comments section. 

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  1. We’ve been twice now as my parents live close by, it’s good fun but does take a long time to get in the rides which, with young kids is a nightmare! But the kids, aged 2 and 3 at the time just loved it! And I got to sneak in a couple of gos on the tower drop ride thing so I was happy!

    • Ha ha, rides for the adults are important. They keep morale high throughout the rest of the day 🙂

  2. We went for our daughter’s third birthday. I agree with your comments about the wait for the rides. Mind you, my friend and I were both heavily pregnant so we waited with the kids whilst the men went on the big roller coasters in the main theme park! It was a boiling hot Saturday in June when we went there and I can confirm that the water feature is popular and good fun. To save money we took a picnic and ate it on the grass near the carousel in the main park. There’s a premier inn nearby which is a good option if you want to stay until closing time but live too far away.

  3. Good tips – I agree the queues and the food could be better but it’s a great day out. We did get to meet Peppa but after a long wait my daughter was a bit bored and unimpressed! Would be fun to go when she’s bigger and able to go on more of the rides too. Here are my 23 tips 🙂

  4. And a little video taste…

  5. Great post, covering all of the key points. We went a few years ago and enjoyed it there x

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