Days Out – Peppa Pig World

Thanks to Mrs S for letting me review her family’s day out at Peppa Pig World.

As a birthday treat for Miss S, a huge Peppa Pig fan, Mrs S arranged a day out at Peppa Pig World on the way to relatives who live on the Isle of Wight.  It wasn’t only Miss S who was excited though, Mr and Mrs S were intrigued as to what it would be like.

Peppa Pig World is within Paulton’s Family Theme Park in Hampshire and comprises of seven rides and attractions all themed around the popular TV series as well as play zones and being able to enter Peppa Pig’s world.

Children under 1metre in height go free and there is no cheating as you have to walk under a bar to prove that you’re under the metre.  Anyone over 1m has to pay and at the time of Mrs S’s visit it was £25.50 each. As Miss S is under 1 metre she got in for free but Mrs S feels it would be expensive if you had to pay for children too.  There are online offers available.

Entrance to Peppa Pig World

Let the fun begin….

Having said that Peppa Pig World is definitely aimed at 2-4 year olds and the rest of Paulton’s attractions are included in the price.  Paulton’s is huge with over 60 rides and animals although at three years old Miss S was a bit young for most of what Paulton’s has to offer.

After a quick caffeine fix on arrival Peppa Pig World was the first stop where Miss S got to meet Peppa and George.  Although Mrs S thinks she has already sussed costume characters aren’t real.  They did all the rides, enjoyed the soft play and had lunch.  As they visited midweek the queues for the rides weren’t too bad and adults could accompany children on all of them.

Peppa Pig ride

Riding high at Peppa Pig World

Mrs S wishes they’d taken advantage of the M&S at the service station just before the theme park as the lunch they had wasn’t great and a picnic would probably have been nicer especially as it was a sunny day.  Peppa Pig World, like most theme parks, isn’t the greatest place to visit in the rain as everything is outside.

And, despite not knowing there was a water park there, Miss S still got to enjoy it in her pants and commandeered Mrs S’s scarf as a makeshift towel.  Taking swimwear is Mrs S’s top tip for a visit.

Another useful tip is to try to avoid the shop as it has every conceivable piece of Peppa Pig merchandise under one roof.  If your child really fancies a giant Peppa Pig why not do as Mr S did and try to win one at the kiosk.  It costs £2 for two balls and Mr S’s top tip is to throw the ball really lightly and it goes straight in.  Voila!  £25 worth of giant Peppa Pig is yours.

Peppa Pig toy

We’re going to need a new car seat

Mrs S definitely recommends the attraction for anyone who has a Peppa Pig obsessed toddler and as kids get older Paulton’s Park has loads to do and there is plenty to fill a whole day.






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  1. Ah, this is just what I need before we head over at the weekend. Absolutely no giant Peppa pigs though.

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