Days Out When School’s In

Is there anything better than a spontaneous day out at a theme park?  Yes, a spontaneous day out at a theme park when it’s school term time, the weather is glorious and the only people in there are pre-schoolers.

On Monday Mr ATWWAH set off for work, a little bit reluctantly it must be said, for two reasons.  Firstly he had spent most of the weekend laying wooden floor in what was our study (note, we called it a study but it was actually a room piled high with books, wardrobes, old baby gear Master ATWWAH doesn’t need anymore and boxes of photos with no floor space to put your feet) and soon, all being well, it will be Baby Bump ATWWAH’s room, and secondly the weather was gorgeous.

He left myself and Master ATWWAH planning a day of paddling pools and PlayBall in the sunshine whilst he would be in his office with lovely views but only being able to look, and not be outside, enjoying the weather.

Anyway, shortly after he left he phoned to say he had checked at the office and there were no deadlines for today so he was on his way back home as he’d booked the day off.  Hurray.  So, off to Chessington World of Adventures we went.  I’ve posted about Chessington before and how good it is for toddlers so I won’t do that again.  Although this time Master ATWWAH made it on to Zufari, previously he was just under the height restriction, and he loved it.

But the one thing that we loved was the lack of queues.  For everything.  Rides, toilets, food and drink stalls, the car park, the place was virtually queue free.  This also meant that Mr ATWWAH could go on the ‘scarier’ rollercoasters, although this being Chessington most of the rides are aimed at family fun rather than white knuckle, will you survive coasters and experiences.  We didn’t have to particularly queue for any ride, apart from Little Truckers, which seems to be a favourite for boys and girls and only has a handful of cars so the queues can get a bit long.  Although when you think queuing for 10 minutes is a bit long you know you are having a good theme park day.

Little Truckers

Little Truckers…a Chessington favourite

Is it worth trading a valuable day’s holiday from work to go to a theme park with your toddler during term time?  Definitely, according to Mr ATWWAH, especially as the weather ‘turned’ the next day.

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  1. We are big fans of Chessington too and go there frequently, another good time to go is towards the end of the season (i.e. before they close the rides down), around October time I think, we’ve found it to be nice and quiet then too – even better if the weather is behaving too!

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