Days Out – Sensacional at The Unicorn Theatre, London

We’re big fans of The Unicorn Theatre in the ATWWAH household so when we were offered a press ticket for Sensacional we couldn’t resist.

Sensacional is aimed at the very youngest of The Unicorn Theatre’s audience, with a recommended age of 18 months-3 years, and is a sound and light show where the children are the stars.  Before the show starts every child puts on a little white costume and crawling/toddling/walking heads to the performance space where a member of the Sensacional team is waiting.  For those who are a bit shy it is perfectly fine for parents to go with them as long as you’re not wearing shoes or socks and you can sit around the edge throughout the whole performance if your child prefers.


Where the children are the stars of the show

Master ATWWAH was pretty up for it as I’d shown him the video of what to expect before we left and it was obvious a few other parents had done that too with one little girl at our performance repeatedly asking where the ladybirds were.

The idea is that your child becomes immersed in the digital world they are now in, using projections, there are shapes, squiggles, ducks, fish and of course, ladybirds, which just won’t stay still.  Lots of the children were just fascinated by the flowers growing around them and stayed perfectly still watching them whilst others chased the images.  It’s quite cute when you get a few of the older children all in a ‘conga line’ following the ducks etc and wondering where they have disappeared to.

The performer mimics what is going on with the images so one minute is walking like a penguin, then lying down and pretending to swim with the fish.  A couple of the children copied her but for the most part all you could hear were squeals and shrieks as the children exclaimed over which images they could see next.

The whole experience lasts around 45 minutes which is a perfect amount of time as it allows the children to get into it and lose any initial fears they may have but doesn’t make the experience too tedious for them or their parents.

Master ATWWAH who isn’t too far off three now really enjoyed it and halfway through went over to Mr ATWWAH to tell him ‘it’s really good this’ before walking off to chase more penguins.

As ever at The Unicorn Theatre there is a small soft play area available before and after the performance as well as a café/shop, amusingly called Unicornershop, for anyone who wants a snack or to pick up a crafty gift.


Checking out the shop

We arrived quite early for this particular show and decided to order a slice of pizza each with a drink while we waited.  Sadly, after paying, the girl behind the counter told us there was nothing to warm it up with so the pizza had to stay cold.  I never liked cold pizza when I was a student so mine went untouched.  The cakes looked amazing though and at least you don’t need to have these warmed up.

There are still tickets left for a couple of performances in early  May of Sensacional and it is well worth checking out the website for details of forthcoming shows.

Tickets for Sensacional are £10 which includes one child and two adults.

Thanks to The Unicorn Theatre for the press pass for this performance.

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  1. Blast! I think we are going to miss this, which is a shame. But you have certainly bought this theatre to my attention. It sounds great. Bookmarked!

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