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There are certain classic stories you get to read again and again when you become a parent, most you can remember from your own childhood, I was really excited when I bought the compendium of Paddington stories for Master ATWWAH (ahem, for me!)  One classic which I’m pretty sure passed me by when I was a little girl but I’ve grown to love through reading it to Master ATWWAH is The Tiger Who Came To Tea by Judith Kerr.

For anyone who hasn’t read the book it is about a little girl, Sophie, and her mum, who are just about to have their tea when there is a knock on the door and they are greeted by a tiger on their doorstep who they invite in and then he eats and drinks them out of everything.  Whenever Master ATWWAH eats anything too fast he often accompanies it with an ‘owp’ and it’s the tiger we have to thank for that.

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So, when my friend Miss Y told me she’d taken her little niece, Bean, to see The Tiger Who Came To Tea Live I was very jealous and then asked her if she’d mind answering some questions about the show so I could feature it on the blog.  Unfortunately the run has finished in London, which is the closest to where we live, but for any lucky readers who are Birmingham way it is hitting the town hall for Christmas, 23rd December 2014-14 January 2015 to be precise.

Miss Y headed to the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue with Bean (aged 29 months)  Fans of the book won’t be disappointed to hear that the live version follows the book very closely but as the show is 50 minutes long extra elements were added.  The tiger definitely drank all of daddy’s beer though.

Miss Y was impressed with how the production worked and especially how the tiger removed all the cake and buns and sandwiches from the plates and didn’t actually eat them.  Apparently the tiger licked the plate and they disappeared.

Audience participation included songs with actions which the kids were encouraged to join in with, counting when they checking the time on the clock and tiger-robics.  The show was definitely aimed at the kids and the fun for adults was in the kids reactions to it, in particular the arrival of the tiger.  Miss Y recommends it for children aged 3yrs-6yrs and felt the 50 minutes duration with no interval was just about right.

Being an aunty there was no escape from the dreaded merchandise stall where Miss Y parted with £4 for a felt image of the tiger sitting at the table on a stick.  Although that is pretty steep for what it was she reckons it will provide hours of entertainment.  And as it was Bean’s first trip to the theatre they have caught the bug and are already looking at other shows to book.

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  1. That does sound a cute production – and despite its popularity, that’s not one of my favourite kids’ books (or my daughter’s though she does like the tiger). I am looking forward to rediscovering Paddington and Pooh.

    • I love the Paddington books and am planning on taking Master ATWWAH to see the film later this year. Surely one of the joys of being a parent is introducing your kids to the books you used to read?

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