Do tents and toddlers mix?

We have bought camping tickets for this year’s Big Feastival and I’m already in the process of planning what to pack.

I have camped twice before.  The first time was with a gang of girl friends in the most glorious weather in Cornwall.  Five girls, one big tent, two cars and an electricity supply direct to the tent.  I still didn’t exactly embrace it.  The mantra of the week was PMA (positive mental attitude to the uninitiated)

The second time was two nights at Hop Farm Festival with Mr ATWWAH where on the first morning after the night before I made him queue with me for the showers.  Much to the amusement of his mates who were still sleeping off hangovers and relying on baby wipes to provide their hygiene needs for the next 24 hours.  Urgh.

So, the three of us are now anticipating our first camping trip together.  Well, Master ATWWAH isn’t as he doesn’t know we are going yet and I can only imagine the squeals of delight when we air our tent in the garden (last seen at the aforementioned Hop Farm Festival)

In my head the sun is going to shine (it did last year), we’ll eat loads of nice food, listen to some good music and have a dance and Master ATWWAH will sleep soundly with all the country air while Mr ATWWAH and I get to have a beer.  I’m not even entertaining bad weather, tantrums (mine, not the toddlers) or for that matter festival toilets.  Oh no, what are we doing?

Thank goodness for fellow bloggers which I have discovered since booking the tickets.  I’ve been reading lots of useful advice at Festival Kidz (ear protectors anyone?) and an amusing camping with kids blog.

Any further tips/hints though would be greatly appreciated.  Something tells me the weekend will result in quite a few anecdotes for here.

  1. Awww thanks for the mention! I’m glad we were able to help :o)

    Do pop over to our Facebook page too if you have any questions, there’s a lot of festival experience amongst our readers waiting to be shared!

    Hope you have a wonderful time… and the sun ALWAYS shines at festivals… (in our dreams!!!)

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