Every parents lifesaver..

What did people do without technology?  Imagine a world where at the click of a button you couldn’t see what the weather was like outside your own window?  Or you couldn’t tweet your husband who was sat less than a foot away from you?

After our recent holiday both Mr ATWWAH and I kept asking each other ‘how did people keep their children quiet without an ipad?’  It proved invaluable on the flight (more about that in another post soon) but also just when you needed 10 minutes to do something and distract Master ATWWAH from performing another daredevil stunt in the villa involving concrete, water and a toy car.

Master ATWWAH relaxing with iPad

Master ATWWAH relaxing with iPad

Current favourite apps are cbeebies related with Postman Pat, Bob The Builder and In The Night Garden.  The Postman Pat app in particular is great, with a range of games involving all the characters with three different levels for each game.  Something that will keep kids of pre-school age entertained.

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A new section will appear soon on the blog with recommendations for apps, books and ‘random items that keep kids amused when travelling’  Top of the random items list is the in-flight safety sheet found in the back of seats so completely free of charge too.  Just make sure you’re not sat next to a nervous traveller as your child points at the person in the brace position and exclaims ‘oh no’



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