My Family Travel Resolutions

I don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions.  Instead for 2015 I thought that I’d just think about one of the things that I really enjoy doing and that is travelling and writing this blog.  So, the following are my family travel resolutions:

Learn To Be More Patient

I am not the most patient person in the world and travel can really test your patience.  In 2015 I’m going to try to take a deep breath and count to 10 before immediately going to irritated mode.  It’s not so much the children who can test my patience, although Mini ATWWAH’s screaming is a challenge, it’s more flipping at Mr ATWWAH for the slightest thing.

We have very different travel styles.  Mr ATWWAH is ‘last minute bordering on late’ whereas I have to be somewhere early rather than on time.

Mr ATWWAH is an over-cautious packer and would happily pack all the baby paraphernalia we own.  He also packs at the last minute.  I, on the other hand, would rather leave some not as important things to chance, or buy them when we are away, but I do use a well thought out list so we never leave essentials behind and prefer to have everything in a case at least 24 hours before we are due to leave the house.

At an airport Mr ATWWAH ignores the departure gate calls to the very last minute so when you arrive you get straight on the plane albeit hot and harassed whereas I hurry us all along as soon as the gate is announced meaning we usually then have to wait around in a soulless area of the airport.

These differences were amusing before we had kids.  At airports we even went our separate ways sometimes and agreed to meet on the plane so he could potter around Dixons looking at gadgets while I read a book at the departure gate about an hour before the plane was due to leave muttering to myself that I would leave regardless of whether he was at the gate or not.  But with kids the differences just seem to add to the stress so in 2015 I’m going to try to learn to, gulp, chill out and be more relaxed in the preparation stakes.  This could end up with us missing a flight, we shall see……

Take Better Photos

When you write a blog it seems to be mandatory that you be an excellent photographer too, and that I am not.  I’m definitely going to sign up to an image library or two so as not to inflict my bad photos all over this site but I’m also going to start taking a breath sometimes and taking a photo because something looks interesting.

I joined Instagram (follow me at mrsatwwah) a few months ago and I think this has made me appreciate how interesting photos can be, and not necessarily the ones with people in them.  As I try not to show the kids faces on my pics it is also sometimes hard to get different shots of them other than the back of their heads for the blog.  When we are on holiday or a day out I take the usual pics and then take loads when they’re not looking.


Ooh, it’s the back of Master ATWWAH’s head again


Lose My Danger Chip

I’ve written about my danger chip before and how I hope that I don’t pass it on to Master and Mini ATWWAH and in 2015 I want to try really hard to show the kids that their mum can do something adventurous or daring.  I’m not quite sure what and how it relates to our travels but watch this space….

Try New Places Especially Those On The Doorstep

I’ve already put this one into practice as despite only being five days into January we have been to a couple of places in London we haven’t been to with the kids, The National Gallery and The Royal Observatory.

I have never, yet, gone back to the same hotel or even resort (apart from Mykonos when it was on a cruise itinerary) so this resolution should be fairly easy to keep.  But when you are planning on places to go with the kids sometimes when you have found the perfect family friendly hotel or destination it’s hard to justify trying somewhere new.

Does going on the same ship count?  We are going on another NCL cruise in the summer to Croatia and are staying on the same ship that we did a Greek islands cruise on.  Technically we are staying in the same accommodation but it’s going to new places so I think it’s a pass.

Write A Blog Post At Least Once A Week

As regular readers will know, or those who follow me on Twitter (if you don’t find me at @atwwah), the arrival of Mini ATWWAH has thrown my blogging into a bit of disarray.  I was very lucky before he was born to go on early maternity leave and I got to write a lot so it came as a huge shock when he arrived and I found that I had no time to do any writing.

He’s a very different baby to Master ATWWAH and despite being an amazing little boy the last six months have been pretty hard coming to terms with not having any spare time at all.  But it seems that, for now at least, some sort of pattern has emerged and by 8pm (touch wood) both boys are in bed and I can sit in front of the laptop.

Ideally I’ll write more than one post a week but for now it’s better than nothing.  I’ve written so many posts in my head the last six months and it will be nice to actually publish some of them.

So, here’s to 2015 and lots of exciting travel stories.  I’m curious to see how many of the resolutions I can keep.



  1. Great resolutions and hopefully realistic, but young children can throw anything into disarray so blog when you can and don’t stress about it. Look forward to your journeys, adventurous spirit, pics and all!

  2. Lovely resolutions, and a few are on my own list too – as Sarah says, with two little ones, it can be tough finding enough hours in the day, especially at the beginning. But whether it’s one post a week or a month, I’m looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year.

    • Thanks Cathy, I really appreciate that. I love reading about your adventures too. I thought your resolutions post was fab.

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