Festival Prep

As anyone who knows me will confirm I love a list.  My phone is full of them, I have notebooks where I regularly jot down lists, I start each day at work with a things to do list.  They make my mind feel a lot less cluttered.

Going to our first festival as a family means this is prime list writing opportunity and I love nothing better than crossing items off the list.  Last weekend was particularly productive with Mr ATWWAH sent down to the shed to confirm the tent was still in there and all the bits still in it.  He then confirmed our sleeping bag tally, that will be one, which was abused badly at Glastonbury during a particularly wet festival.

So, the list writing began and I’m happy to confirm we’ve already crossed out a few items.

Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags, camp bed, mattress thingy……

Admittedly I may have gone a bit ‘off list’ too but I couldn’t resist how practical and teeny these waterproofs for Master ATWWAH looked and surely every set of ear defenders needs its own drawstring bag.  Right???  Added to this, but not pictured, is my own ‘parka in a pack’ from Blacks and a Top Shop festival dress.  It’s going to be sunny isn’t it?


Cute stuff

But I think this is probably my most practical purchase yet.  Dawn Porter those TV ads worked.


Perfect festival bag size



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