Finn McMissile’s Balearic Mission (or how to make losing a toy seem like fun)

Master ATWWAH’s new obsession with Cars saw us taking a couple of the characters on holiday with us. They’re only small so perfect for packing.  Mater and Finn McMissile joined us and Master ATWWAH enjoyed exploring our hotel room with them.  

We  did however have to take them off him each time he went on the balcony as we were four floors up and he has a fascination with throwing things at the moment.  We didn’t fancy watching in horror as one of them hurtled down to an unaware sunbather.   

However, as children do, Master ATWWAH found an unusual den in the room under the table and next to the staircase.  


Why play anywhere else in the room when there is a table to go under?

And it was here that he found a gap which was the perfect size for hiding Finn (Another of his favourite pursuits when he isn’t throwing things is hiding things)  Unfortunately the perfect Finn hiding space under the staircase also became impossible to rescue him from.  

I have reasonably tiny hands/wrists so tried reaching him.  Mr ATWWAH tried to fashion something together that we could get poor Finn out with but that only pushed him further in.  So, we had to explain to Master ATWWAH that Finn is now on a secret mission for quite a long time which he seemed delighted with.  

Sorry Finn.  But, at least you got to stay.

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