First Holiday With A Baby

Taking your child abroad for the first time can be pretty daunting but with some forward planning very do-able.  Before they can start to crawl babies are easy to take on planes as although they may be able to wriggle a bit they are generally compliant.  Same rules apply on transport as they do at home – keep them fed, their nappies changed, lots of cuddles and you should be fine.

Once they can start to crawl/walk things can get a bit trickier as they tend to want to explore wherever they are.  However, making sure you take plenty of entertainment with you can help with that – sticker books, little toys, iPads, books, snacks……anything that keeps them still once the seatbelt sign goes off is a winner.

My friend, Mrs S and her husband took their baby Miss S, aged 15 months, abroad for the first time this summer.  Mr S’s parents came along too so babysitters were to hand and Mr S had a golf buddy.  They headed to Estepona  and more specifically an apartment in a golf resort, La Resina Golf, which friends of Mr S’s parents owned and they already knew was very baby friendly which meant there was no need to take any of the usual baby paraphernalia as everything was there, even nappies.

As Miss S still had a long morning nap two hours after she woke every day the mornings were spent sunbathing while Mr S and his dad went off to play golf.  Lunchtimes were spent at Estepona Harbour which has lots of restaurants to choose from.  Afternoons were spent either by the pool at the apartment or at one of two beaches, either Estepona beach or a smaller beach at the nearby Laguna Beach resort.

little girl in the pool

Miss S practising her flying in the apartment pool

Mrs S sometimes took Miss S to a kids club on the beach at Laguna Beach where she could play with other small children of other nationalities.  It was only on their last day that Mrs S realised the kids club was actually part of a very expensive hotel called Puro Beach and was meant to be paid for.  Oooops.

As well as being Miss S’s first time on a plane it was also the first time she had been on a beach.  She loves stones so definitely enjoyed collecting the stones at the shoreline and sucking them, who doesn’t?  Apparently they were saltier than the ones at home.

looking for stones on the beach

Hunting out good stones to suck on the shoreline

Most of the restaurants had a kids menu with the fail safe fish fingers, chips and beans which Miss S loved.  Due to going through a bit of a fussy with food stage Miss S wasn’t up for trying new tastes but became a connoisseur of the complimentary breadsticks.  Master ATWWAH’s eyes still light up when he sees breadsticks so I can relate to this a lot.

The only holiday disagreements were around the nightly Scrabble games where competitive spirits came out.  But Scrabble wasn’t the only sport Mrs S got involved with on holiday.  As the grandparents came with them this meant they had babysitters so Mrs S could see what all the fuss was about with her husband’s golf fascination – and she took to it.  Miss S will have to be introduced to it next.

As the apartment was so well equipped for babies Mrs S didn’t have to pack lots of specific baby things but she did invest in a baby towel poncho which she really recommends, as not only did it keep Miss S warm after coming out of the pool it was great to protect her from the sun too.  After spending ages looking online Mrs S got a BabyBoum one as they were nice and soft, a lot of the towel ponchos she found were too rough.

Mrs S would recommend the apartment and resort if you are looking for a quiet pool/beach side holiday.  You will need to hire a car though if you stay in the same place they did as it was quite isolated, about a 10 minute drive from the resort.

Thanks to Mrs S for sharing her holiday story.  Mr and Mrs S run their own wedding video and make up businesses covering Essex, you can find out more here and here

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