Five Star Luxury In The Rain – The ATWWAH’s


WHO WENT? Mr & Mrs ATWWAH with Master ATWWAH

WHERE? Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

WHEN? March 2013


Since being pregnant with Master ATWWAH the Canaries have featured a lot in our holidays – Fuerteventura (during pregnancy), Gran Canaria (Master ATWWAH’s first foreign holiday at four months), Canaries Cruise (our first, and potentially last, family cruise) and now Tenerife.

As a set of islands they are nowhere near as pretty or interesting as the Greek islands but with almost guaranteed sunshine and a ‘not as long to get to as the Caribbean’ flight they are a good choice for family holidays especially out of season.

We decided to treat ourselves and stayed at the five star Gran Hotel Bahia Del Duque in one of their villas.  The hotel is beautiful.  It is big but not in a sprawling concrete mess sense of the word.  As well as the main hotel there is a villa complex with its own exclusive to villa guests pool which was pretty deserted when we were there.  And, the villas also come with their own pool (not for anyone who wants to actually swim)

The villa we stayed in was out of this world with a bath that would fit a football team.  There was so much space.


Bahia del Duque bath

Team bath anyone?


The one downside with a toddler was the number of steps inside the villa – steps down into the bath, into the bedroom, outside to the sunloungers……..probably not the place to stay if you have a trainee walker.  Although the suites that are available for families would definitely suit crawlers as they are all on one level.

Costa Adeje is definitely one of the nicer places we’ve been to in the Canaries.  And, the hotel was located right on the beach and next to a shopping complex.  There were nice walks in either direction and we were advised by a couple we met under an ice cream stand during a downpour that the blow hole was worth a look.  When the rain stopped and the skies cleared we went for a wander and it was pretty impressive.  Although I spent most of the time worrying about Master ATWWAH’s closeness to the edge of a cliff.

Blow hole

Costa Adeje blowhole

The cuisine of the Canaries has never really appealed to me.  Am I the only person who thinks that a Canaries potato is possibly the most uninspiring way to ‘cook’ a potato?  The hotel did a lovely breakfast though and there were a good choice of restaurants within the hotel and on its doorstep.  They are all catered for children and most of the guests didn’t seem to mind sharing their mealtime with a child.  We tend to go for early evening meals on holiday as Master ATWWAH becomes a bit of a devil if he’s left waiting for tea/dinner (delete as applicable to your region) too long.

He did manage to throw a complimentary crayon over the balcony of the Italian restaurant where we were eating alfresco one evening.  Mr ATWWAH and I were mortified but also secretly proud that he had such quick reactions as neither of us saw it coming.  The waitress who witnessed it called over all her colleagues to tell them what had happened and they all looked very amused.  I spent the rest of the meal fretting it would be a fork or plate next.

Before we get too carried away though with the luxury of the hotel and its location we were brought back down to earth with a bump with the weather.  The first couple of days were horrible and we may as well have been in Scarborough.  Just goes to show, five star or not you can’t control the weather.


Costa Adeje or Scarborough?


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