Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque, Tenerife

We stayed in a villa at the Bahia del Duque in March 2013 for 7 nights booked through Destinology

The hotel is in the resort of Costa Adeje, Tenerife.  We’ve been to a few Canaries resorts before and I always think they are very similar and not particularly pretty, you generally are just guaranteed good weather but everything I’d read before we went said that Costa Adeje was definitely one of the nicest places in the Canaries.  And, it didn’t disappoint.  It is pretty, sitting at the edge of the sea with the volcanic landscape in the background.  Despite the more built up resort of  Playa de Las Americas being close by you don’t feel like you were staying in a concrete jungle.

The hotel was refurbished in 2009 at the same time that 40 villas were also built.  There is no denying that the hotel is huge but not in a vertical way, it is sprawling and has really interesting architecture.  It looks like a film set which is further enhanced by the fact that the staff all wear traditional dress.  It is a very impressive place to arrive at, if not a bit overwhelming, but it’s easy enough to find your way around and the staff are very helpful if you get lost.

We splashed out and booked in one of the villas which were amazing.  I’ve never stayed anywhere like it.  The villa was huge with an enormous lounge area with a TV hidden away on the wall which wouldn’t have looked out of place in the John Lewis electrical department.

Living area in the villa

Living area in the villa

The bedroom was also big with steps on each side of the room down to the bed.  The bathroom was split into different areas with a toilet and double sinks, then lots of clothes storage with some more steps which led down to a bath which would have fit a rugby team in its own little area where you could literally bathe under the stars.


A bath fit for a rugby team

Outside didn’t disappoint either with a little pool, loungers, a double bed outside and table and chairs if you fancied eating outside.  Master ATWWAH’s favourite part was exploring around the side of the villa on the hunt for In The Night  Garden’s Iggle Piggle.


Villa’s outdoor area

The one slight reservation with the villa was the number of steps inside and out.  Definitely not the best place for someone learning to walk but a confident toddler would be fine or a baby who wasn’t really crawling or tottering.

In the main hotel there were large family suites available which were all on one level which looked ideal and had great access to the kids pool.  These were the rooms which Destinology recommended for young families but we couldn’t resist trying the villas.

But back to the villa – not only did you get your own private little paddling pool but the guests who stayed in the villas had access to a large pool at the clubhouse which was perfect for kids and adults as it had a big shallow area for paddling but was big enough for swimmers to enjoy too.  The week we stayed this pool was virtually empty all day too so you could just go down there after breakfast, grab a couple of sun loungers and enjoy the peace and facilities.  The main hotel kids pool was always really busy whenever we went past and getting a sun lounger next to the kids pool looked pretty impossible.

There were welcome gifts for ourselves including a bottle of champagne, chocolate, fruit and a little bath set for Master ATWWAH including a toy duck for the bath and milk and cookies.  Every day fresh milk and cookies were left for him which he loved.  On our last day when we returned to the villa after breakfast there were leaving gifts including a very cute soft toy for Master ATWWAH.

As you’d expect with a hotel this size there were tons of facilities including a spa which neither of us took advantage of and plenty of tennis courts and mini golf.  There was a giant chess set which Master ATWWAH loved playing with as well as swimming pools.  For children aged 3-12 there is a kids club which is open every day.  Under 3’s are welcome but an adult must stay with them.  For teenagers there is a Teen Lounge.  There is also a babysitting service available.

playing chess

Grand Master ATWWAH

We booked half-board and guests in the villas had their breakfast in the villa club house which included a buffet as well as freshly cooked dishes to order.  If you’re a fan of eggs you’ll be in luck as most dishes had eggs as their main ingredient.  The breakfasts were delicious though and it was nice to sit outside and overlook the pool.

There are nine restaurants within the hotel, one is adults only.  Even if you book half-board you can go to any of the restaurants and the menu tells you which dishes are included in your half-board price and you can pay a small supplement for any others.  We ate in the buffet restaurant, El Bergenal, a couple of times which was big and noisy but friendly and with toddlers it’s sometimes nice to know you are in control of when the food arrives.  It was a definite favourite with families.  The food was good and there was lots of choice.

We also ate in some of the hotel’s other restaurants almost all of which had outside dining too which is great with toddlers as they can wander around the hotel grounds a bit if needed and get distracted by the many water features etc.  All of the restaurants went out of their way to make parents and children welcome with bread baskets arriving within seconds, crayons and colouring books provided and the staff working in them coming over to chat to children.  La Trattoria did great Italian food and were especially good with children.

We also dined at La Hacienda which is the only restaurant in the hotel which is also open to the public as it’s on the promenade.  The food is Latin American and although it was tasty the service was really slow which was a bit frustrating with a toddler.  Every restaurant also had a kids menu available too.

Most lunchtimes we ate out as although you could probably spend the whole holiday in the hotel complex that would be pretty dull so we took ourselves out and about.  There are tons of local restaurants available which all do great sangria.  The resort is all along a promenade which was great for getting Master ATWWAH off to sleep in his pram after lunch so we could park up at a restaurant and have a jug or two of sangria.

If you’re feeling more adventurous you can take a trip to Mount Teide, the island’s active volcano, which isn’t too far away and you could arrange a trip out via the hotel.  The hotel also offered its own boat for a price if you wanted to explore more at sea.

The beach is also on the doorstep of the hotel for those who like paddling in the sea and making sandcastles.

Admittedly this isn’t a holiday destination for somewhere looking for lots of culture but if you’re after a week in the sun in a lovely hotel being spoilt while the kids have things to do you can’t go far wrong.

We booked airport transfers through Destinology who also arranged for a car seat to be available too which is always reassuring when you arrive off a flight.  There are two airports in Tenerife.  The hotel is 15 minutes drive from Tenerife South and an hour’s drive from Tenerife North.

Mrs ATWWAH’s Top Tips If Staying At Bahia Del Duque

  • If you can splurge definitely book a villa, although be prepared to be underwhelmed at every other hotel room you see again
  • Booking half board should work out cheaper than going breakfast only if you’re going to eat in some of the hotel restaurants in the evening
  • Sit outside La Trattoria for great views and lovely Italian food
  • Spend at least one afternoon nap time with a jug of sangria watching the world go by in one of the surrounding bars/cafes (obviously take the pram!)
  • Wander around the Costa Adeje resort and find the blow hole, it’s worth a watch

  1. Hi,
    It was very nice reading and description of the hotel in general and of the villas more informative descriptions.
    My husband and I have visited Gran Hotel Bahia del Duque ten times and staid in superior rooms and Junior Suites
    My question is, how much did you pay for a 7 days with half board? We are thinking of going to Tenerife in a couple of month and would very much like to know how much more it will cost us compared to a Junior Suite.

    All the best
    Mona & Urban Lindqvist

  2. Hi Mona,

    Thanks for your comment.

    From memory the villas were a few hundred pounds more than the suites. We booked through Destinology and it included flights and transfers too.

    As you are regular guests I suggest contacting the hotel directly and asking for prices as they will know you are valued customers.

    I hope you have a lovely stay if you decide to book again.
    Mrs ATWWAH

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