Holiday Planning Withdrawal Symptoms

With the arrival of Baby Bump ATWWAH just around the corner holiday planning has been put on hold for the last few months in the ATWWAH household.

Holiday planning in the ATWWAH household involves a lot of chat about potential destinations especially when we are on long car journeys, then it is followed by lots of internet searches of the shortlisted destinations and email exchanges between myself and Mr ATWWAH when we should really be doing something more productive like earning a living, then it is whittled down to a shortlist which we normally argue over for no particular reason and then we book.

The holiday planning doesn’t stop though once we’ve booked.  Oh no, then the fun begins.  I then religiously, more or less daily, look at the website for wherever we have booked, track TripAdvisor reviews constantly refreshing to see if new ones have been added, look at blogs for inspiration of where we can go when we are there, fret about the occasional crap TripAdvisor review which always appears the hour after you’ve just booked, write a packing list, update mine and Master ATWWAH’s holiday wardrobes and do not get me started on the daily checks of holiday weather websites…’s an occupation in itself.

Instead I’m spending all my time listening to friend’s holiday plans or looking at travel blogs getting my fix.  As lots of our friends have pre-school kids June is a really popular month for going away and I’m getting my kicks listening to where they are going or where they have been and then suggesting they let me write about it for my blog.

Facebook is also ‘great’ for a bit of holiday jealousy.  One of my best mates is currently in Mykonos which I’m so jealous about as it’s my favourite Greek island, the sky and sea just look bluer there somehow, and an old work colleague has posted lots of pics from a recent, raucous Vegas holiday.


Always smiling in Mykonos

It doesn’t help that I follow A Luxury Travel Blog on Facebook which I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to do as it’s a great site but wow their Facebook newsfeed has photos posted to it almost every hour which are enough to make a Russian billionaire jealous.

At least the sun is shining at the moment and a ‘maternity leave tan’ seems do-able.  And I’m sure the holiday planning will be resuming in the next few months.  In the meantime I’ll continue the travel blogs and Facebook envy and nagging friends for details of their holidays to include on here.

Please feel free to add a comment or two with any links which will keep my travel envy going.  They are appreciated, honest.

  1. Not sure I want to make you envious! Instead, enjoy what the UK and your house/street can offer while waiting for your new babe….and get the photo albums out! We love looking at these in ours…..

  2. Thanks Sarah. I am currently making photo montages of our recent holidays. I think I’m meant to be nesting but this is much less practical 🙂

  3. Oh I love flicking through old albums but don’t do it often enough – I had my honeymoon snaps out earlier today of Brazil (and one day when I have lots of free time, I will turn all my digital pix into albums too. Say, when I’m retired?).

    Without wanting to make you too green, how about St Lucia for a post-baby trip ( Or for something a bit closer to home, I just had a fantastic weekend in Glasgow (…

    Enjoy the sun!

  4. It takes forever to turn your digital pictures into anything else doesn’t it? I got so bored the other day waiting for my pics to upload, not sure if it was my laptop or the service I was using.

    Thanks for the St Lucia and Glasgow links too. Your St Lucia posts have already been making me envious. Will check out your Glasgow post, only been there once and that was for work and involved comedy clubs and cider.

    • Definitely. Not quite the same as getting an envelope full of prints (even if the quality is better).

      And Glasgow is somewhere I didn’t really know at all, but actually it’s great for kids. And definitely a potential way to ease yourself in to travelling with two…

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