Holiday Pram

When you’re pregnant for the first time one of the things you generally do before the baby is born is buy a pram.  Unless you are very ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ or the baby arrives sooner than you anticipated.  About ten minutes into shopping for a pram you will probably find that you want to go home and forget about it altogether.  This is for a number of reasons the main ones being there is too much choice, they are pricey, salespeople know that you are feeling vulnerable and you are probably tired and more inclined to go home and eat some cake.

It took us two trips to buy Master ATWWAH’s pram.  The first involved a trip to Mamas and Papas which resulted in us both being baffled by the price bundles that the sales team were offering us in their giant Westfield store.  They kept throwing in more accessories for ‘discount’ prices and all I could do was wonder how the accessories worked, they all looked very complicated.

The second shop we went to was where we eventually bought a ubiquitous Bugaboo Cameleon.  Even at 8 months pregnant I managed to put it up and take it down in the shop and the most complicated thing was to decide which colour scheme to go for.  I went for the boring option of beige and brown but with a very OTT, and useless, bright orange parasol.  Outrageously the pram cost more than I got for my Ford Ka which I had sold the week before.

However, when you go on holiday with a small baby you realise that prams like the Bugaboo aren’t exactly travel friendly.  For a start when they are taken down they split into two parts which means even the biggest cars feel like the boot is prohibitively small.  And, although I’ve seen people at airports put both parts of their Bugaboo into a suit bag and zip it up before putting it on the plane it looked like a lot of faff.

So, just when you think your pram buying is over you find when you’re planning your first holiday you have to go out and buy another which is travel friendly e.g. light, folds down into one piece which is easy to carry, has enough room at the bottom of the pram for various ‘essentials’ (in our case a camera, sunglasses case and bottles of water amongst other general tat) and is actually comfy enough that your baby/toddler will want to spend time in it in foreign climes.

And, being the cliche parents we were when buying the Bugaboo we opted for the holidaying parents pram of choice, the Maclaren.  More specifically, as Mr ATWWAH was buying, the Maclaren Techno XLR.  And, I hate to break it to you but the choice of holiday pram is huge too.  Personally they all look much of a muchness to  me.

I must admit though it has been a lifesaver and I am glad we never took the Bugaboo away with us as it is a bit unwieldy.  We’ve put a little lambswool seat cover in the Maclaren which according to the hype keeps kids cool when it is hot and warm when it is chilly.  It sure beats the towel we put in there on our first holiday where poor Master ATWWAH sweated a lot.

holiday pram

Holiday hat optional

And don’t feel like the Maclaren has to be your only choice.  There are loads of other strollers which are ideal for travel and most people end up using them more regularly when they get home too as they are easier to get around.  I even spotted this one online recently which you can take on a plane as hand luggage, the babyzen YOYO.  Although just to be warned you may pay more for the pram than the plane ticket.

One of the best things about having a separate pram for holidays is Master ATWWAH’s excitement when it comes down from the spare room, where it is hidden usually behind a closed door of clutter, he normally jumps around shouting about his ‘holiday pram’ and knows he’s off on his travels again very soon.

pram pushing

They’ll be pushing a pram themselves before you know it

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