Holiday Reading: July 2013

I’ve recently read these two books, although admittedly not whilst on holiday.  Having said that as we’ve had such great weather lately does reading in the garden count?

Two books

This month’s reads

I must admit I found Douglas Kennedy’s ‘Five Days’ hard work.

It was all about Laura, married with two kids who goes away for a work conference and has the chance to turn her life upside down.  The premise was fine but I found her really unlikeable and I couldn’t care less if she was happy as she was so self-obsessed.  I think it was the way the book was written as the dialogue was pretty intense, and unrealistic, in my opinion.

I have read another of Kennedy’s books, The Pursuit Of Happiness, and really liked it so maybe it was just this one.

The other book, ‘may we be forgiven’, by a.m. homes I really liked.

It pulls no punches and features murder, mental health and infidelity pretty much in the first chapter.   No character is without a flaw, some more obvious than others, but you can’t help rooting for the ‘good guys’.  I don’t really want to say anymore about the plot as I could give too much away but it’s well worth a read.  Don’t just trust me though, it won the Women’s Prize For Fiction this year.

I’ve read another of her books, ‘This Book Will Save Your Life’ and really enjoyed that too.

So whether you’re reading in your back garden or next to a pool, cocktail in hand this summer, enjoy and don’t forget to let me know of any good recommendations.


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