Holiday Reading – May 2014 – Tracy Bloom Author Interview

This month’s holiday reading is an exciting one as not only is there a recommendation for a great book but also a Q&A with the writer of it.  I’m hoping this is the first in a series so watch this space.

The brilliantly titled, No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday, by Tracy Bloom centres on Matthew and Katy, childhood sweethearts, who have a one night stand at a school reunion.  After vowing never to see each other again they have a shock meeting months later at an antenatal class which means that both their lives start to get very messy.

Book cover

The not very subtle book cover……

If you like romantic novels which don’t really follow the ‘formula’ of romantic novels and instead make you feel a little bit uncomfortable as you recognise yourself, and others, in the characters then this is the book for you.  The scenes in the antenatal classes will ring true for anyone who has sat in an NCT class or equivalent, with an over-zealous ‘teacher’ and embarrassed participants who are all there really to make friends and are desperately sussing each other out whilst being horrified about what really happens during childbirth.

There is also a brilliant scene in the book which I can really relate to when Katy goes to a Mamas and Papas type shop to buy baby equipment and is completely overwhelmed by the infinite array of products and options and feeling like everyone else in the shop knows what they are doing apart from you.  The first pram shopping trip Mr ATWWAH and I went on ended with us both legging it out of Mamas and Papas and seeking solace in a Byron burger vowing never to go in there again.

Anyway, back to the book, personally I found Matthew really irritating and I’m sure his teenage self was alluring but he acted like a spoilt child for most of the book.  Some of the best characters were in the supporting cast including Katy’s GBF, Daniel and Charlene, a teenage mum to be who features in the antenatal classes and also in a hilariously described first dance at her wedding.

The book will definitely raise a laugh or two, and maybe even a tear, especially for anyone who has been pregnant.

So, what about the author?  Tracy started writing when she moved to the US on maternity leave as her husband was offered a job over there.  Leaving behind a great job buying rollercoasters for UK theme parks (yes, that is really a job) she decided to write a novel.  Originally self-published No One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday was a 2013 Amazon bestseller and now with a publishing deal under her belt  Tracy has kindly answered some questions on the book and some of her holiday tips with kids for this post.

Where did the inspiration come from for you book?

I was actually inspired by the antenatal classes I attended when pregnant with my first child. It’s a rare scenario when you get a bunch of strangers together to discuss such an intimate and life changing experience. I was immediately struck by the opportunity for comedy and drama especially if you throw in a curve-ball such as arriving to find an ex-boyfirend there with his wife. And what if you’d had a one night stand with around the time you conceived…then what would happen.

When is your preferred time to write?

Whenever I can! As a mum of two I have to write around my kids so I class my working hours as school hours. I did write my first book when my son was a baby during his two hour afternoon nap. No housework was done!

What are your recommended holiday reads?

I’ve just read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion. I think it’s a perfect holiday read as it’s a very unusual love story that’s also very funny and very touching.
What makes a good holiday read?
I think most people like an easy, escapist read on holiday. These are however hard to write as it doesn’t take much to burst the bubble with an incongruous word or a miss step in the time line. This is really disappointing when it happens. Occasionally I’ll read non-fiction on holiday as I never do normally. I once read a book about financing as I’d just taken a new job which required some understanding of the subject. Didn’t understand a word of it!
Where was your first holiday with kids?
We flew to America when my son was 11 weeks old because my husband had been offered a job there and we went to check it out. It was a total baptism of fire and after that we knew we could cope with going anywhere!
Any recommendations for family holiday destinations?
Derbyshire  – okay so it’s my home county but I happen to think it has a-lot going for it. The Peak District offers many opportunities for stunning views, easy family friendly walks as well as pubs with playgrounds. Also loads of bike trails with bike hire available. There’s also have one of my favourite places on earth in Derbyshire which is  Chatsworth House. Driving up to it is a site for sore eyes in itself but you also have the lovely gardens to run free in before you paddle in the cascade fountain then go crazy in the adventure playground on the farm.
Florida – I know it’s obvious but I’d like to recommend it to all the sceptics out there. My husband had no interest in visiting a Disney theme park and only agreed to go when we lived in America for a while so it was a really cheap flight. He was blown away by the quality of the attractions and how much care and attention was put into making a truly memorable experience. He’s now a big fan.
What is your top tip for travelling with children?
Remember it’s your holiday too. If you’re enjoying yourself then you relax with the kids and that’s when the magic happens and suddenly everyone is having a good time.
Tell us about your next book….
My next book I WILL MARRY GEORGE CLOONEY (BY CHRISTMAS) is out in October. It’s about a chicken factory worker from Derbyshire who decides the only answer to all her problems is to marry the man himself.


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  1. This is just what I needed to read as we’re off on holiday in a couple of weeks and I needed some holiday reading ideas, this sounds great *heads off to the Kindle store*

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