How Well Do You Know Your Camera?

Remember the days when you’d return from holiday and take your roll of camera film or instant camera to the shops to be developed?  You had no idea if the photos you had taken would be any good or not and chances are you probably forgot what you took photos of.  If, like me, you have little patience, you’d go for the 1 hour developing service rather than the 24 hour or even longer service and then rip open the envelope they came in to be either hugely disappointed by the blurry souvenirs or off to buy frames to show off your holiday pics.

Of course these days we can all take photos on our phones and digital cameras mean that we can delete photos within seconds of taking them.  Printing them off when you come home becomes a big effort and most people’s holiday snaps now live on a virtual cloud somewhere rather than in photo albums or frames.

And, even referring to holiday photos as snaps is an understatement these days.  It’s not just professional photographers who can take ages to set up a shot, there are holidaymakers and travellers everywhere waiting for the perfect moment to get a great photo.  Instagram and Pinterest are full of impressive photos which haven’t been taken by professionals.

But, how many of us can hand on heart say that we understand everything that our camera can do?  I certainly can’t.  I am definitely of the ‘point and shoot’ brigade and the delete button gets used a lot with my holiday photos.  It’s not just the shots of me with more than one chin either which get deleted.  I regularly manage to get too much sky in on a vista shot or crop people’s heads.

bad photo

I should have pressed delete – this is an attempt at a ‘capture the atmosphere’ shot in Split.

So, this handy infographic from Teletext Holidays definitely grabbed my attention.  It’s a handy guide to what all the symbols mean on your camera.  Be honest, how many do you know?

If you take great photos from your travels and share them on Instagram and Pinterest let me know in the comments section of this post as I always like an evening of daydreaming about travel (and admiring how good others are at taking photos!)  If you fancy following my efforts I’m on Instagram (mrsatwwah) and Pinterest (atwwah)





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