I Can’t Stand The Rain…..

We’ve just got back from a 10 night ‘winter sun’ holiday.  As with most of our holiday planning there was much discussion about where to go beforehand and what type of holiday we wanted.  We knew March was the month we’d go but we weren’t sure where we were heading.  With young children I don’t think any holiday can ever truly be described as ‘relaxing’.  But we knew we wanted a relatively easy holiday with lots of time around a pool at a nice hotel with a beach close by and the chance to hire a car for a couple of days so we could see more of a destination.

We were tempted by Dubai as we’d been last year and loved it but then that felt a bit dull returning to the same place.  We discussed Barbados as we went there a few years ago before we were married, let alone had kids, and we knew the sun would shine.  But we were put off a bit by the long flight with Mini ATWWAH, the quotes I got for flights and hotels were extortionate and we were a bit unsure about hiring a car there and didn’t want to be stuck in a hotel complex all the time.

We begrudgingly talked about the Canaries and I say begrudgingly as we’ve had bad luck with weather there before in March.  Also, we have been lucky to stay in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura and nice as they are we didn’t really want to go back to the same place.  I did some more research (looking at holiday websites is never a chore) and we ended up going for Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.   Our reasoning?  The flight was under 4 hours, we found a great hotel (more on that in a later post), it fit all our criteria and surely if we went late March we wouldn’t get dodgy weather again, right?  WRONG!!!!

We woke up to this sort of scene on more than one occasion during our 10 day holiday.

And, although it never rained all day the air temperature was pretty low, and it was windy.  The wind I can forgive as it is on the Atlantic Ocean but coupled with the low air temperature it was never a much needed slight breeze to cool you down on a hot day, more as Mr ATWWAH said on more than one occasion a ‘breezy day in Scarborough’

During our 10 day holiday we had one full day of glorious sunshine.  The sun did peek out on most days but it was far from the ‘winter sun’ break we had hoped for.

blue skies

Quick, grab a sun lounger, there are blue skies…..

Obviously the kids didn’t care.  In fact Master ATWWAH insisted on wearing shorts every day and whenever we asked he was adamant that he wasn’t cold.  Mr ATWWAH and I definitely cursed on some mornings when we woke up though and after speaking to some other families in the hotel there was a general feeling of being ‘cheated’ as the weather was bad.  We hired a car for four days and got to see quite a bit of the island (more posts on that soon) but I can confirm paella and sangria don’t quite taste the same when you are enjoying them with your jacket on sheltering from the strong winds.

So, is it just us or do you feel cheated when the weather isn’t good on holiday?


  1. Oh no – what a shame. I’ve mostly had great weather in Lanzarote but the occasional cooler/bad day and it’s really not the kind of destination for constant rain. I think it’s worse when it’s winter sun, and you’ve been looking forward to that for ages… Am off to Gran Canaria in a few weeks so I shall be crossing my fingers.

    • Thanks Cathy, I have my fingers crossed for your Gran Canaria holiday. I’m sure it will be lovely. We took Master ATWWAH to Maspolomas on his first overseas holiday so have fond memories of the island. I’m looking forward to reading about your trip.

  2. Oh, I think the ATWWAH family are cursed by the same luck at the Monkey family… we never have good weather in the Canaries even though people are always shocked when we tell them on our return. Cold, wet and windy has been the order of our winter sun holidays in the last 2 years! Which is why we chose the Far East this time! I’m glad you still had a good time though.

  3. It’s not just us either then, hurray 🙂 The Far East sounds amazing. We’re definitely avoiding the Canaries ‘winter sun’ for awhile.

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