Why I love a Premier Inn…

I’ve never been a fan of chain hotels but I must admit I do like a Premier Inn.   Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of luxury and Mr ATWWAH is regularly amused by my obsession with hotels that have ’boutique’ in the description,  but we’ve stayed in a Premier Inn as a family a few times this year.  It’s the closest hotel to my parents house and as my mum isn’t too well staying at their house isn’t an option.

So, why do I recommend the Premier Inn as a good choice for families?  Well, apart from them being all over the place and in fairly convenient locations they tick all the essential boxes like being clean and warm.  But their family rooms are huge with room for a big double bed, a sofa bed and a cot as well as still having ample floor space for playing with cars in the morning.  The bathrooms are big and clean and not just equipped with a drizzle of a shower or limited to only having a bath.

They really do seem to care if you don’t get a good night’s sleep and although you may hear noise from rooms when you’re in the corridor you definitely can’t when you’re in your own room.  This is equally important when you have a toddler and you’re not disturbing anyone if a tantrum occurs.  It does mean too that your kids aren’t likely to be disturbed during the night by people getting in from clubs etc.

And, their breakfasts are fantastic.  At the one we stay at a lot you have to go to the pub next door for breakfast and it isn’t probably somewhere I’d think to go for a meal but they provide a great breakfast.  There is a buffet with cereals, pastries, toast and so on but if you want one they cook your hot breakfast to order.  Not many non-chain hotels do that.  They welcome kids and have the usual activity sheet for them to colour in.  I also recommend grabbing a bunch of tourist information leaflets from the hotel foyer on the way over for breakfast.  For some reason Master ATWWAH loves looking through them and I get to reminisce about places I went during my childhood.

Premier Inn logo

Master ATWWAH’s favourite logo

Branding wise their logo has much resonance with toddlers.  Master ATWWAH loves the logo and regularly points out the moon.  I don’t even want them to lose Lenny Henry as the ‘personality’ of the brand as it would mean my dad wouldn’t be able to do his usual joke as we head over there of an evening about finding him in our bed.

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