Milk and Airports

When you book a flight with a baby there are many things parents may worry about and hopefully this post will help to alleviate one worry.

Whether or not you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding what you can and cannot take through security at airports can feel like a minefield.  So hopefully this will help.

If you’re using formula you may find it easier to take the ready made cartons on the flight rather than the powder so you don’t have to worry about finding water on the flight.  Most of the cartons come in 200ml sizes which are ideal for travel and will satisfy even the hungriest babies per feed.

You can take these cartons through security but in our experience you have to open half the cartons and drink out of them so if you take four cartons through you have to open two and drink from both of them.  You can then of course put them in a bottle and feed your baby.  The same is the case for expressed breast milk in bottles.

Most UK airports have at least one branch of Boots once you’ve gone through security and you can pre-order formula from them to pick up once you’re through security.  Every time we’ve done this it has worked well and we’ve also noticed there are lots on the shelves too.

Obviously on the return flight there won’t be a branch of Boots but we have found airports outside the UK seem to be less strict about formula and just wave you through with it.  But we may have got lucky.  The best advice I can give is err on the side of caution and make sure you have enough cartons with you for the return trip.

Also if you will need multiple bottles for the journey I really recommend the sterile, one off bottles you can get from chemists which are less bulky than your usual bottle.  There is also amusement to be gained by the fact they look a little bit like very long condoms.  And lets face it when travelling with a baby amusement is a good thing.

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