Mr Peabody and Sherman

Master ATWWAH’s very first trip to the cinema was a complete disaster but he has since come around to the idea thanks to the Kids Club screenings at ODEON which means the lights aren’t totally out.  Also, much to Mr ATWWAH’s relief we don’t arrive too early as if the ads or promos have started at least there is something on the ‘big TV’ to look at which usually means Master ATWWAH is distracted straight away.  As someone who is famous amongst friends for generally being early, not just on time, I find this quite difficult but I’m getting better at this ‘going with the flow’ thing when it comes to time keeping.

As the weekend was wet and windy (again) we decided to go to see DreamWorks new release, Mr Peabody and Sherman.  Unfortunately we forgot that as this was a new release it wasn’t in the Kids Club cinema offering so the usual £2.50 admission fee was the normal prices.  Doh.

I always see DreamWorks as a bit of a poor relation to Disney and Pixar when it comes to big kids titles.  Obviously they made Shrek which was huge but it feels like they have never really repeated this success, some may argue Madagascar did, but I’m not so sure.  So, did Mr Peabody and Sherman, based on a US TV series, have the Shrek Factor?  Errr…no, but I have seen worse.

Mr Peabody and Sherman pic

Mr Peabody and Sherman
(taken from DreamWorks Wikia website)

It’s the story of Mr Peabody, a highly intelligent dog (voiced by Ty Burrell, Modern Family’s Phil, not Robin Williams as Mr ATWWAH kept insisting) who adopts Sherman and brings him up to be a polite young man who is very bright.  However on his first day at school Sherman is bullied by the spoilt Penny after correcting her in class and rightly retaliates to her mean teasing but this causes no end of trouble and results in a busybody chid protection type character being involved who threatens to take Sherman away from Mr Peabody.  She’s due to visit them at home and Mr Peabody has the inspired idea to invite Penny and her parents over so they can get to know each other and show the child protection woman they are just like any other family.  There are some great scenes of Mr Peabody preparing dinner for the evening including lobster thermidor.  It’s Sherman’s reaction to seeing all the fuss which is most amusing checking it isn’t his birthday, or Father’s Day and then finally asking if the President is coming over for dinner again.

The evening starts predictably with Penny refusing to engage with Sherman.  However, keen to impress, he accidentally reveals one of the reasons why he is so clever, his time machine.  You can imagine the rest…….the next hour or so is a little bit like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure for toddlers.  I shall say no more as I don’t want to spoil the ending for any of you seeing it at half-term but for older kids there are some amusing and factually correct history references peppered throughout.

It’s definitely a film for young kids. Most of it went over Master ATWWAH’s head, he was telling us later that Mr Peabody was Sherman’s friend, he didn’t get the father/son connection but that is fine.  I think older kids will enjoy it and the history sections do feel a little educational with some laughs in there for the adults too.  It’s definitely more appropriate for toddlers than say the LEGO movie but not as simple as something like Cars.


And on a personal note I also taught Master ATWWAH to say ‘sshh” and instruct his daddy to whisper when he spoke during the film.  Now all I have to do is convince Master ATWWAH he is too young and Mr ATWWAH is too old to see The Lego Movie next.

As I say it’s no Shrek but I have seen worse.  Just try to get to see it on a Kids Club ticket rather than a full price admission.

Mrs ATWWAH’s Tips For A Successful Cinema Trip

  • For a first trip to the cinema choose a Kids Club showing when the lights are not fully down and there are lots of other kids of a similar age.  Usually the volume isn’t as loud as it is in non-Kids Club screenings too
  • Try to get there a bit later so the ads have already started so there is something to distract them.  Usually the ‘big TV’ is enough to amaze a little one on their first trip
  • If you’re not offered one ask for a booster seat, most cinema chains provide these
  • Most cinema chains offer healthy options in their kids retail selection such as bottles of water over soft drinks, raisins rather than chocolate and so on
  • No matter how dull it is try to watch the film as you are going to be tested on it by your kids afterwards


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