Mrs ATWWAH’s A-Z of Toddler Travel: A is for Adventure

When I say adventure I don’t necessarily mean conquering the Inca Trail toddler in tow.  I just mean making an adventure out of travel, even the boring bits, which as an adult you find a hassle rather than an adventure.  I’m thinking loo stops at the service station, getting on the overcrowded bus from the plane to the terminal building and so on.

There is no point pretending travelling with a toddler is really easy and if you follow well-meaning tips you’ll have a tantrum free trip but I have found that if you embark on everything like it’s the biggest adventure ever, chances are, your toddler will follow suit and soon forget what they were about to start bawling about.

A few days before going on a journey I talk to Master ATWWAH about it, it makes for great bath time chats.  It just means he’s already thinking about it and hopefully looking forward to it so when it happens it’s not a huge surprise.  We recently took the ferry to the Isle of Wight and so in the bath one of his cars then got on the boat and crossed the water to the island.  He kept saying ‘car, on the boat’ very doubtfully as if to say don’t be ridiculous mummy but I’m sure it helped create some excitement and he remembered it when we did it for real.

The great thing about making an adventure out of everything is that it also brings out the child in yourself too and you do see things through the eyes of a toddler experiencing things for the first time.  What isn’t exciting about an airport really?  All the people, the big shops, the tangible feeling of chaos, everyone on their way to somewhere else and not forgetting the actual aeroplanes.

And, frankly our re-enactment of the ferry crossing was nothing compared to the real thing as I hadn’t factored in the huge Weetabix lorry that parked up behind us on the ferry as we were getting out of the car.  Its sheer size and the noise of it parking and a guy jumping out of the cabin which was three times higher than our car in turn terrified and mesmerised Master ATWWAH.  I’ve never had to be so excited about a HGV and frankly when do you ever have to be excited about a HGV when you’re on an adults only holiday?


(This was first published on the Family Traveller website where Mrs ATWWAH has a weekly A-Z of Toddler Travel column)


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