Mrs ATWWAH’s A-Z of Toddler Travel: B is for Beaches

Your first trip to the beach is a rite of passage.  Mine was in Blackpool and apart from the bitterly cold wind I fondly remember a ride on a donkey and a glass of milk and Club biscuit with my little brother at a café afterwards.

Master ATWWAH is a bit luckier and has already at a young age been taken to some gorgeous, sunny, sandy beaches.  However he has recently developed a fear of sand.  He is very reluctant to take a step on a beach and instead Mr ATWWAH gets to put him on his shoulders as we walk along the beach loudly exclaiming how lovely the sand feels between your toes.

I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have eremikophobia, the technical name for a fear of sands/deserts (thanks google search) but is more going through that funny toddler stage of not liking to get dirty.  This phase is usually over pretty quickly and can be contradictory as he thinks nothing to jumping in puddles and even putting his hands in them and subsequently sucking his fingers.

We’ve found jumping around in the sand ourselves has helped and he will take a few tentative steps.  And recently on holiday in the Isle of Wight he was fascinated by the rock pools on the beach and happily went trotting over, forgetting he was walking on the sand.

It probably doesn’t help that I’m not great with mess and he has no doubt picked up on me heading for the taps to rinse my feet and flip flops straight after leaving the beach.  So, on our next holiday I need to make sure I embrace the muck too and we’re definitely doing the bucket and spade thing, just to show him that it’s not just building bricks that make a great castle.

These are some brilliant beaches for toddlers with lovely calm waters and gorgeous views as well as a couple of UK favourites:

–          Saltburn By The Sea, N Yorkshire

Cliffs with a lift, a pier, fish and chips, a pub……proper traditional English beach.  Master ATWWAH loved running down the pier, chips in hand.

–          Needles, Isle of Wight

Coloured sand cliffs, a chairlift to the beach, lovely walks and an amusement park nearby

–          Domes of Elounda hotel

This boutique hotel in Crete has its own beach which is a perfect cove, ideal for toddlers, with fantastic views over to Spinalonga.  Master ATWWAH loved sitting naked in the sea here in the late afternoon.

–          MarinersBeach, Santa Eulalia

This beach can be found at the mouth of Ibiza’s only river.  It’s perfect for toddlers as it’s so calm and shallow.  Master ATWWAH loved watching the ‘motorbikes on the sea’ or jetskis

–          Camps Bay Beach, South   Africa

The ‘poster beach’ for South Africa with an amazing backdrop



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