No-Kids Wedding

I figure no family travel blog would be complete without a section dedicated to travelling without kids.

Remember those days?

Your airport entertainment usually consisted of a wander around the shops buying something you didn’t need but hey, you had hardly anything else to carry so a small plastic bag was no trouble, a pre-flight drink or three and a read of your book at the gate before boarding.  Certainly nothing like the fraught, security checks tasting bottles of milk to prove they are nothing more sinister, convincing your partner that you really don’t need to buy any more baby wipes for the journey and trying to calculate the last possible minute you can do a nappy change before getting on the plane.

So, I’ve decided there is going to be a regular section on adults only (oo-er) nights away.  We have just had two, yes, that is right, two nights away in Chiddingfold, Surrey for a friend’s wedding.  Kids weren’t invited to the wedding which was an opportunity for some time away.

As with most things you’ve been looking forward to and romanticising about the trip started with an argument that lasted all the way to the hotel.  Not quite the right start but one fairly typical to most couples I reckon.  And, when our mates arrived the same day we were amused that they had had a similar journey although their argument was forgotten when they stopped at the services and couldn’t believe they could go to the loo at the same time as they didn’t have their two daughters with them.  It’s the small things.

We stayed at the Mulberry  which is a pub with rooms, three in total.  The rooms were huge and nicely furnished with spacious bathrooms and very comfy beds.  And, the actual village was very cute.  Very Escape To The Country.

There were some nice touches in the rooms including a cupboard full of things to keep you entertained if the opportunity for bedroom antics or TV didn’t take your fancy.

Mulberry Cupboard

Boggle anyone?

But, I think it’s the food at the Mulberry that needs the biggest shout.  We had our lunch there the day of the wedding.  As Mr ATWWAH kept saying ‘you need a full stomach for a wedding, who knows when we’ll next eat!’   I did point out we weren’t going on an Arctic trek but still, with a large glass of sauvignon blanc who was I to argue about ordering two courses, rather than just one.

I went for a traditional fish and chips Friday lunch which was HUGE but delicious whilst Mr ATWWAH went for scallops to start (gorgeous, I nicked some!) and then a pork roll which I was informed was tasty.

And, the breakfast the next morning lived up to its Mulberry Big Breakfast name meaning no lunch was required later in the day.

Mulberry Big Breakfast

Mulberry Big Breakfast

The journey back home was argument free and we were excited to see Master ATWWAH despite him being pretty underwhelmed to see us and sporting a fat lip from an incident with a football and a pram wheel.  Oh well, back to reality.




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