What being nominated for a UK Blog Award means to me

I’m very excited that aroundtheworldwithahighchair has been nominated for a National UK Blog Award in the Travel category.
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I’m in excellent company with some great travel blogs and even if I don’t win it is great to be included and here’s why.

A year ago this blog didn’t exist

I had the idea for aroundtheworldwithahighchair a few months before I started to blog and with encouragement from my friend, Mrs F, who suggested we go to the Blogcademy course in January 2013, the blog started not long after.  The course was very inspirational although for a slightly cynical northerner like myself there was a bit too much glitter and sparkle for me but the actual content was good and the three ‘Headmistresses’ – Gala, Shauna and Kat, all accomplished bloggers themselves, were very inspirational.

I love writing

Since childhood I’ve loved writing.  I’d spend school holidays writing stories or imaginary features for magazines, my teen years were spent with umpteen pen-pals and when  my head wasn’t in a book I was writing letters in my bedroom to people I’d never met but they felt like close friends, I wrote a diary diligently for years every night and when letter writing went out of fashion I’d still seek out opportunities to put pen to paper.

So, writing a blog and being a guest blogger for Family Traveller with Mrs ATWWAH’s A-Z of Toddler Travel are just the beginning, hopefully, of starting to make a ‘career’ out of writing.

I love holidays

Who doesn’t love going on holiday or having a day out?  So, being able to write about it is lovely.  And even if my blog doesn’t end up becoming ‘a business’ as Mr ATWWAH has said it makes a brilliant online scrapbook for us of our adventures with Master ATWWAH.  (It had better become a business!!!!)

It feels like a positive beginning

My background is in marketing and I’ve had lots of fun over the years working on great leisure and entertainment brands including Madame Tussauds, ODEON, Good Food and Manchester Arndale Centre.  All challenging in their own ways but also rewarding.  To build a brand from scratch which is all mine is lovely and although it is scary sometimes it is lots of fun and I get to make all the decisions and use my wise friends and ex-colleagues to advise and help.

It’s for my mum

My mum should have been a travel agent.  She loved going on holiday and used to happily sit reading holiday brochures for fun.  Even if she hadn’t been somewhere she could generally tell you about the area and recommend some hotels.  Maybe I picked up the holiday obsession from her.  And I’m dedicating my nomination to my mum who although she is still with us has a rare, but more common in the under 65’s, form of dementia, frontotemporal dementia. 

So, regardless of whether I win the category or not and frankly my blog probably isn’t ‘big’ enough yet, I feel like I have already won by being nominated and I can’t wait to learn more in 2014.

If you’d like to vote for my blog, or any of the others in the many categories, then go to the National UK Blog Awards site

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