Norwegian Epic cruise – Naples port stop

The itinerary for our Western Mediterranean cruise on the Norwegian Epic had some great port stops, none of which I’d been to before.  The first was Naples.  The ship arrived in the port at 7am and was due to depart at 6pm so there was a good day of exploring to be had.


The port of Naples

Mr ATWWAH was really keen to visit Pompeii and there were a few guided excursions available.  We don’t normally go for the official excursions, preferring to make our own way and explore in our own time, but I’d done some reading online first and almost everything I read recommended a guided tour with Pompeii to get the most out of it.

Mini ATWWAH, at 14 months, was proving to be a bit of a challenge on holiday, nothing too daunting but he had developed an aversion to his pram and we both agreed that taking him to Pompeii was a step too far and he’d be more of an hindrance.  He’s also way too young to have any idea of what he is seeing and Naples in early September is still really hot.  So, I suggested that Mr ATWWAH and Master ATWWAH book on the morning tour, which left at 8am and had them back after lunch.

Mr ATWWAH is going to write up a Pompeii post so I won’t give too much away but it sounded like they had a brilliant time.  I know that Mr ATWWAH will have been in his element but it sounded like Master ATWWAH really got into it too and he was all talk about Mount Vesuvius and what he described ‘the exploding city’.  As the ship was leaving the port later that evening we had to wave a lot at Mount Vesuvius as Master ATWWAH informed us that it could blow up again tomorrow.  Apparently their guide told them you never quite know when it could erupt again although it is obviously monitored constantly, but Master ATWWAH seemed to like the uncertainty of it all.

Mount Vesuvius

Goodbye Mount Vesuvius

Amusingly when I asked Master ATWWAH what his favourite bit of the trip was he said ‘the ice cream’.  Don’t you just love kids?

Mr ATWWAH was also enthusing about being almost certain that he saw some flats from the TV series Gomorrah which was set and filmed in Naples.  It’s an Italian crime drama based on the book of the same name and was aired on Sky Atlantic in the UK.  If you like your TV violent and foreign, yet compelling, you’ll like it.

Mini ATWWAH and I had spent the morning of the port day onboard the ship and had a play in the deserted Guppies area, chatted to a couple of the butlers who were working on the rooms near us and put the world to rights and wandered around the ship aimlessly.

We got off the ship in time for lunch and met Mr and Master ATWWAH off their coach.  The guide from the Pompeii trip had told Mr ATWWAH if we were looking for pizza for lunch just to head to Via Medina and you couldn’t go wrong.  It felt a bit of a cop out to me as it was only a five to ten minute walk from the port and felt a bit ‘touristy’, a bit like visiting London and eating in Leicester Square.

We sat outside Trattoria  Medina and decided that as Naples is the home to pizza then the obvious choice had to be pizza.  I also insisted on ordering some mozzarella as a starter.   Mini ATWWAH had nodded off in the pram on the way to lunch so the three of us had a rare chance to chat and drink and eat without too much of an interruption.

The mozzeralla may not have looked that special but wow, it was gorgeous.  I normally buy mozzarella from the supermarket and really like it but nothing will taste the same again after this one.  It was delicious.


The best mozzarella ever…….

The pizzas were also excellent, simple but very tasty.  And the waiter for our table, despite being busy, was very amusing and made a fuss of Master ATWWAH even going so far as cutting his pizza into slices for him and showing him how to roll it and eat it like an Italian rather than with his cutlery.


Also the best pizza ever….

We didn’t explore Naples any further as it was so hot and Master ATWWAH was a bit cultured out I think after his visit to Pompeii so we headed back to the ship and the swimming pool.

If your kids are older though there are some fantastic excursions you can do which last all day including Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri or the one I’d have definitely done if the kids were older, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento.

Where is the best place you have eaten pizza? 

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  1. It’s a fab post. I love eating pizza in Naples too. I have to get back to Italy next year! Love it:

  2. I’d love to try a cruise. We dropped my parents at Southampton for three weeks in the Caribbean this morning. I’m properly jealous! Tin Box Baby is under six months so it’s not an option right now and I have a bit of work to persuade Mr TB but it will happen one day! Your mozzarella and pizza looks fab. I think the best pizza I had was in Florence – you can’t beat pizza in Italy!

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