Norwegian Jade – Owners Suite with Balcony

We have been on the Norwegian Jade twice and both times stayed in an Owners Suite with a balcony (room 9004 for anyone who knows the ship!)  The suites aren’t cheap but we decided to splurge and it was definitely worth the money especially when travelling with children.  Why?

There Is Lots Of Space

The suite we stayed in had a living room area which included a sofa that converted into a huge bed for Master ATWWAH, chairs, a dining room table with chairs, TV, sound system, mini bar, coffee machine, lots of cupboard space and floor space which was a godsend as Mini ATWWAH started to crawl a week before we went on holiday.  A cot was also provided in the room as well as a highchair which came in useful.

There is a bedroom area with a large bed, more cupboards and a desk as well as storage for the sun lounger covers with a huge TV on one wall.  There are two bathrooms.  The smaller one as you come into the room just has a loo and a sink and the other one is huge with a bath (with another TV!!), shower, loo and a dressing room including lots of clothes storage.

owner suite Jade

If it’s too bright you can always wear your sunglasses indoors
Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Lines

There are also two balconies with this room.  One is on the side of the ship and has four sun loungers as well as a child lock on the door and the other is my favourite as it is right at the front of the ship, you can look up and see into the bridge really clearly and you get amazing views as you approach ports.  It also gives you a feeling of privacy that you may not get in some of the other rooms.

The only tiny downside is the décor which is a bit garish and not to my taste but I must admit you sort of forget about it as the holiday goes on.  We also spotted on the corridor to the rooms there are fish in the carpet pattern swimming towards the front of the ship so you know that you are definitely heading forward, cute touch.

You Get Access To The Concierge Service And, Ahem Your Very Own Butler

Anyone staying in a suite or villa has access to the concierge which can be useful especially when you’re planning what to do on port days.  You can also call them to make restaurant reservations and so on.  And, you also get your own butler.  I can imagine some people use the butler service constantly.  I find it a bit embarrassing but they do stress that if you need anything to let them know.  Jeffrey, the guy we had on our first cruise, was lovely and kept bringing kids DVD’s to us for Master ATWWAH in the early evening.

Unsurprisingly the butler, concierge and cleaner are all very friendly and make a real effort to get to know you, and the kids.  I think this was the case no matter which room you were staying in.

There Are Nice Touches

There are certain perks to being in one of the suites or in the Haven Class as they call it on NCL.  One of them is you get a choice of three complimentary bottles of alcohol, I don’t mean just a bottle of wine either, we chose a bottle of gin and a bottle of whiskey as well as some white wine.  Obviously they aren’t complimentary really as you’ve paid a premium to stay in one of the suites but as with most things on holiday once you’ve paid you forget the ‘freebies’ are actually paid for.

bottles of alcohol

The ‘freebies’

Every day you get fresh food in your room, little savoury canapés, sandwiches, cookies (I think they were for the kids but I loved them), fruit and so on.  You can order room service, for free, at any time.  We ate breakfast in our room once but preferred to eat in the restaurants despite Mini ATWWAH’s ear-splitting screams which made us unpopular with some guests.

You have priority disembarkation at all the ports which is a great advantage when the port is one that needs a tender as you are generally one of the first off the ship.

You also have access to the Haven area.  Some of the suites and villas are in this area of the ship already which is quite secluded and high up.  There is a little indoor pool, gym, bar and lots of outdoor sun loungers.  We never used it though as our balcony space was already great and we preferred being around the bigger pool where there was a bit of life, often with live music.  The Haven was too quiet.  It probably comes in very handy though during school holidays when the ship is more crowded.

The Haven

The Haven pool on the Norwegian Jade. It’s a bit like Wimbledon’s Centre Court with the retractable roof.

The Haven

The Haven wasn’t exactly busy

There is a separate breakfast and lunch restaurant, Cagney’s, for those who are booked in the suites which I definitely preferred at breakfast time.  It was quieter, well apart from Mini ATWWAH and his screams, and was part buffet and part waiter service.  We went there for lunch a couple of times too.  For the rest of our meals we tended to go to a mixture of the restaurants which were complimentary (with NCL a lot of the restaurants are included in the price of your holiday) and then to ones where you paid extra, these tended to be a bit more ‘adult’ in terms of who was in them and the atmosphere.

In the evenings, if you are a Haven guest, you have reserved seating in the theatre which is a nice bonus.  Having said that the theatre was rarely full, so again I think it’s more of a perk if you travel in peak season.

If your budget can stretch to it I definitely recommend upgrading to a suite as you feel more spoilt and the extra space is great when you are getting the kids ready for the day or coming back to the room for a bit to relax in the afternoon.  When Mini ATWWAH had his nap we often sat outside with a gin and tonic on the sun loungers while Master ATWWAH played or watched something on the ipad.  We also spent quite a lot of time in the room in the evening so it was nice to have extra space.

Although frankly if you don’t feel spoilt on a cruise with fantastic views of the Greek islands or the Adriatic Sea then there may be no hope for you.

Find out more about NCL’s cruises at their website.  We paid for our holiday in full and this post has not been sponsored or endorsed by NCL in any way, I just really rate them.

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  1. Wow! That is huge… I’ve been impressed at the space on board cruises when I’ve stayed before but nothing like that.

    • We were definitely spoilt for space although did pay a premium for it. I loved the outdoor space with the balconies.

  2. Love that colour palette in the room — shazham! Love the idea of fresh food in your room everyday. It’s great to have little nibbles on hand.

    • The colours definitely woke you up in a morning. Within a day or so I didn’t even notice how garish it was 🙂

  3. how are the pullout beds? more comfy than your normal household pullout with the bar at your back? ive always wondered this, and no on ever comments…

    • Hi Jessica,
      It was a sofa bed that Master ATWWAH slept on. The stateroom attendant converted it and it was huge, it would easily fit two children. Master ATWWAH had no complaints about how comfortable it was (he was almost 4 when we went so may not be that discerning) I slept on it for a few hours one night after an evening of musical beds with the kids and it was fine, I didn’t find it uncomfortable.

      I am not sure though if you’re referring to beds which pull out from the wall, which this wasn’t, it was a sofa bed. Hope it helps though.

      • thanks! that does help. and yes, i was talking about a sofa bed. we want to try a suite sometime with my mom but for the cost i want to make sure her bed is comfy too! i could not personally imagine more than 2 people of any size in a regular cabin….3 or more needs a suite!

        • No problem Jessica. And I know what you mean about the regular cabins, there isn’t much floor space. Keep in touch and let me know if you end up booking.

  4. Hi there!
    Love your write up!

    We are in this cabin on a 8 night:)

    I have a 7 and 9 year old… Will they both fit on the pull out?

    I liked the look of this room rather then the Haven 2 bedroom!

    • Hi Rena,
      Glad you liked the write up, it is a great ship.
      The pull out is around the same size as a double bed so they should be able to both fit in it no problem. We stayed in the Haven 2 bed on the Epic which was also good, that would have been two single beds though for your kids. I’m sure they will be fine in the pull out double on the Jade. Also, the adult bedroom is separated by a curtain too and the kids are right on the other side of the room so hopefully they’ll stay asleep when you are still up 🙂
      Have a great cruise.

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