Our disastrous cinema trip

As regular readers of this blog will know Master ATWWAH loves the film Cars, almost as much as his dad.  So, when Disney started promoting a film from the world of Cars in the form of Planes we thought Master ATWWAH would like nothing more.

Mr ATWWAH found a trailer for it on YouTube and there was much excitement.  A couple of Master ATWWAH’s friends had been to see it with successful trips so we thought he definitely wasn’t too young.  We’d also been to the baby cinema at Clapham Picturehouse while I was on maternity leave and he particularly liked One Day and didn’t even flinch during the accident scene.  So, off we went to ODEON Streatham waiting to see if Planes was as good as Cars.

As ever, as I hate to be late, we got there way too early and the screen was still being cleaned.  After a bit of a wait we went into the screen and the guy who checked our tickets gave us a little booster seat for Master ATWWAH.

Then the fun began.  There was nothing on the screen at first, just a big purple splodge, as obviously they were waiting for more people before running the ads.  There were a couple of lights on but it was pretty dark and then the tears started.  Master ATWWAH didn’t want to be there at all despite me proclaiming ‘ooh, look at the big TV screen, that’s much bigger than ours isn’t it?’ and opening the family pack of Cadbury’s Buttons to try a bit of distraction.

By this time Master ATWWAH was screaming ‘no like it’ while other people looked on and I tried to work out if he was the youngest in there.  He was, but still.  Mr ATWWAH took him outside to calm down and after a couple more Buttons (they’re my favourite!) I went out to say the ads had come on so maybe he’d like it now there was something to see.  We stood at the entrance to the screen oohing and aahing at the dogs on an ad but as soon as we started to venture inside the screams began again.

I must admit I was a bit unsympathetic and kept telling Master ATWWAH he’d really like the film and why would he be scared of the cinema, there is nothing to be scared of, but Mr ATWWAH decided it wasn’t worth the tears so we left.

I have to commend ODEON Streatham though.  The guy I gave the booster seat back to asked why we were leaving and I explained we had a scared toddler so he insisted we get a refund which we weren’t expecting.  He also came over while we got a refund with a leaflet for the weekend kids cinema and explained they keep the lights on in there so maybe we should try him with that first.

I’m still consoling Mr ATWWAH it will be released on DVD soon.

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