Paddington meets Cars

I’ve posted before about items to take on holiday to entertain Master ATWWAH when we’re not doing exciting things like eating ice cream or swimming.  Our recent Ibiza holiday included two items, one low-tech and the other not so low-tech which were great at keeping him entertained.

The first is my favourite, a Paddington Bear hardback book.  I bought this when he was only a few months old as I have big memories of Paddington from my own childhood.  It has become one of his favourite bedtime stories especially when Mr ATWWAH reads it to him.


How cute is this book?


But it came into its own on our night flight home to settle him especially with my excellent impressions of Paddington (who knew despite coming from Peru he’d have such a strong northern accent) and making up my own stories about trying to find some marmalade.

The second was an inspired choice from me, even though I do say so myself, the Cars boxset.  The film should come with counselling as once viewed it is addictive.  I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve watched Cars and now the sequel, Cars 2 (inspired title)  If you have access to a DVD player on holiday it’s an essential.

Cars DVD

THREE DVD’s in one


Just to add a warning to this though, you may lose your other halves to the film as well as your children.  I caught Mr ATWWAH on more than one occasion encouraging Master ATWWAH at bedtime to demand a Cars viewing.


  1. Finding Nemo and The Lion King are favourites in our house, although I struggle to hold back the tears when my little one says “daddy lion get up….,” when the “daddy” lion is caught in the stampede. I always have been a softy, but his innocence gets me every time. Nemo is much less sad I must add!

  2. My daughter is obsessed with the 3 Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. First couple of viewings was cute but now if I hear high pitched voices singing hot and cold by Katy perry I want to pull my hair out! You have been warned…

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