Places To Eat In Playa Blanca, Lanzarote With The Kids

We never book all-inclusive or full-board at hotels and rarely take up the half-board offers.  It can get a bit ‘samey’ eating in the same place every day even if the hotel has different restaurants to choose from.  Before booking our stay at the Princesa Yaiza I took a look at TripAdvisor and blog reviews and decided bed and breakfast would be fine as it sounded like there were lots of restaurants close by.  And thankfully there were.

I raved about the breakfasts at the Princesa Yaiza in the lowdown on the hotel and I can’t really vouch for their restaurants as we never ate at them, although the menus looked good. The room service we ordered was far from fancy but it was nice enough, and importantly for room service, served hot.

Playa Blanca is full of restaurants so you can easily eat at different places every night of your holiday.  The town has a lot of similar places serving seafood, steaks and the usual ‘safe’ holiday choices.  The marina’s restaurants are allegedly more upmarket, they did seem to be a bit but nothing outrageously fancy.

Almost every restaurant is child friendly, my definition of this being it has highchairs, a baby change space and you are not asked to leave when they spot a child in your group.  I’m never that bothered about the availability of kids menus as Master ATWWAH can eat what we have ordered if there isn’t one and at the moment I always take a spare Ella’s Kitchen pouch out with me for Mini ATWWAH.  But again, almost every restaurant had a kids menu, they weren’t particularly inspiring but it’s hard to find a kid who isn’t happy with chips, pizza, burgers, chicken and so on.

I don’t think the Canaries is particularly known for its amazing food.  The Canarian potato is definitely an insult to the many things you can do with potatoes.  But, we did have some decent meals when we were out including Master ATWWAH so I thought it would be useful to share our finds.

Gorgeous Tapas

The Bodegon Las Tapas is on the sea in Playa Blanca and as well as being a tapas restaurant has a huge choice of wines too, with loads on display.  We ordered a selection of tapas, a way too big selection we discovered when it arrived, but all four of us ate some of it, even Mini ATWWAH who tucked into some chicken croquettes.

Amongst the food we ordered were meatballs, Spanish omelette, squid and this amazing, far from healthy, salad.  The photo makes my mouth water at the memory of it.

salad in lanzarote

Gorgeous salad at Bodegon Las Tapas, Playa Blanca

Tasty Pizzas

On our first night we walked down to the Marina Rubicon for an early tea.  We just wanted something quick and filling and it doesn’t take much to convince us of pizza and once we smelt the garlic aromas coming from Afrodite Little Italy we were in there.

The pizzas were good and the restaurant filled up quickly and they were keen to tell us about their other menu options and the chef specials.  There is also live music throughout the week so definitely one to consider for a more interesting meal than pizza.  And, I defy you to walk past it and not be lured in by the smell of garlic.

Paella and Sangria

Also in the marina is Café del Puerto which we went to twice for lunch.  The first time I had a really tasty tuna salad, Mr ATWWAH had the ‘special’ burger which he assures me was special as it was nice and Master ATWWAH had sausage and chips.  Warning – sausage is actually hotdog, but it didn’t seem to bother him.  I just kept telling myself it was a ‘holiday treat’.  We’re pretty laidback about what Master ATWWAH eats especially on holiday where he can easily eat his body weight each day in chips, bread and ice cream, but after seeing Gillian McKeith’s programme years ago on what actually goes in hotdogs my stomach lurches every time I see one.

We returned to Café del Puerto later in the week and had a gorgeous paella and two jugs of sangria.  Admittedly paella and sangria don’t taste quite the same when you have to put your jacket on due to the lack of sunshine while you are eating; but close your eyes and you can pretend it’s sunny and hot.


If only it was paella in the sun……Café del Puerto, Playa Blanca

Camel Photos

Back in Playa Blanca town Master ATWWAH loved the photos on the wall in the outdoor covered seating area at Brisa del Mar as they featured camels.  Ever since trying, and enjoying, camel milk in Dubai he has developed an affinity with the animal.

The restaurant has a varied menu and is very similar to lots of places in the area but the food was pretty good and the waiters made a fuss of the kids.  Mr ATWWAH had unidentified white fish on the two occasions we went there, both at the recommendation of the waiter.  It amused me how when he kept asking what type of fish it was the waiter just said ‘a local white one we caught’.  It could have been anything!

He said it tasted nice enough though but Master ATWWAH wasn’t keen on the fact the waiter rid it of its bones at the table.  We ended up having to hide them from him under a chair.  It was surprising as earlier in the week we had watched fish being washed and gutted at the water’s edge and Master ATWWAH didn’t flinch.


Catch of the day in Playa Blanca

gutting fish

It was a little bit smelly

Slightly Bit More Upmarket

Towards the end of the holiday we discovered El Olivo which was a short walk from our hotel and on the way to Playa Blanca town.  We decided it was a little bit more upmarket than some of the other restaurants, particularly in how it presented the food and it did some traditional ‘on the bar’ tapas too.

The kids menu was similar to the other places we’d been to with pasta, chicken breast etc.  When the food arrived though there were actually vegetables on the plate too (shock, horror!) and although there were chips they weren’t in the quantity you found in other places.  I’d definitely recommend a visit.  We also wistfully watched another table tuck into paella and a huge platter of meat and cheese after we’d already ordered, it looked great.

Fancy A Chinese?

I know some may shudder at the thought of going for a Chinese or Indian on holiday but one night we were drawn to Jumbo.  It is on the way to Playa Blanca town and always looked pretty busy.  It was one of the best Chinese meals we’ve had, anywhere.  We had all the usuals – prawn toast, spring rolls, hot and sour soup, beef with ginger and spring onion, king prawn curry and loads of rice.  Master ATWWAH ate a whole side of chicken fried rice to himself.  It’s definitely worth a visit if you fancy a change.

They were good with kids too and gave them a little toy car each to take away although we confiscated Mini ATWWAH’s on the grounds of it being a choking hazard (it was pretty tiny)

Have you been to Playa Blanca?  Do you have any more restaurants to add?  I’d love to hear about them.  Two of my friends are taking their families to Playa Blanca in the summer so your recommendations will definitely be appreciated.


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  1. There are so many great places to eat along the seafront and in the town, aren’t there. I’ve got a few of my favourites in this post if it’s OK to link.

  2. Ooh sounds like it was a good trip. I giggled at the thought of you hiding the fish bones under the chairs! We tend to go self catered on holidays for the same reasons as you, much more fun to try out the local restaurants than eat the same old dishes in a hotel restaurant!

    • Thanks Tinuke. The waiter thought we were crazy when he came to clear the table and we dived under it to retrieve the fish bones.

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