Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

On our recent Lanzarote holiday we stayed at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel in Playa Blanca, on the south east coast of the island.  It has great sea views, with access to the Playa Dorada beach, and is half way between the Marina Rubicon and Playa Blanca Old Town, both short walks away.

The hotel is big, as you check in you are given a map and a whizz bang lowdown on where all of the facilities are and it definitely takes a couple of days to get your bearings.  It is far from an intimate boutique hotel experience.  But, what it does have is tons of facilities with lots of outdoor areas.


We had booked the Royal Kiko Suite which is in the annex building, an area full of family rooms.  It has two bedrooms, one which was designed for kids.  It can have three single beds in it but with Mini ATWWAH it had two single beds and a cot.  There are two bathrooms and a decent sized living room with a small kitchen area including a sink, microwave and fridge.  The balcony sizes vary and ours was relatively small with room for a table and two chairs.  We didn’t use it much though due to the bad weather.


kids bedroom

The kids bedroom in the Royal Kiko Suite, Princesa Yaiza

living area

Living room area in the Royal Kiko Suite, Princesa Yaiza

The Royal Kiko Suite also came equipped with tons of baby/small child equipment which was perfect as it meant we got to leave lots of ours at home.  It included a highchair, stroller, steam steriliser, bath seat, bottle warmer, kids toiletries, bed guard, changing station and a baby monitor.  There was also a TV in the kids bedroom as well as a DVD player and a Playstation for older kids.

The rooms are inoffensively decorated, not too imaginative but simple and the size of them makes up for any lack of interior imagination.  The one odd thing in the ensuite bathroom is that it’s impossible to turn the bath taps on without getting in the bath.  It was a bit irritating when running the kids bath.

Mini ATWWAH is about to embark on crawling and can sit unaided but does sometimes fall backwards.  Unfortunately other than the cot there was nowhere ‘safe’ to put him in the room to play as the floor was so hard and uncarpeted with no rug to put him on.

In the room was a free kids minibar which was replenished every day and included bottled water, cartons of milk and juice, fruit, yoghurt and cookies.  There were also colouring books and pencils in the kids bedroom.

Outdoor Space

The one big plus point of the hotel is all the outdoor space.  The annex building we were in has its own heated outdoor swimming pool as well as a smaller paddling pool for little ones.  Unfortunately we didn’t have brilliant weather but we went swimming a few times and the one day that the sun stayed out all day and the temperature rose we had a great day around the pool.  The kids entertainment team arrived in the afternoon with a zorb-like ball for the kids to have a go on in the pool too which was quite entertaining.


Outdoor heated pool in the family area of Princesa Yaiza

We found a games room in the annex building during the holiday with table tennis etc but it was such an odd room, clearly it used to be a function room and it is really threadbare and had a horrible, musty smell.  It’s a shame as they could make this into something as it’s a big space.

The annex building is connected to the main hotel by a tunnel with fish tanks which kept the kids amused as you walked through.  You could also leave the building and go straight to street level too without going through the main hotel.

Kids Facilities

The main hotel had even more swimming pools, most of which were heated.  And, for children there is a huge outdoor area in the form of Kikoland.  Kiko is the name of the duck costume character which the kids activities are based around along with two other characters, a pirate and a rhino, Cooky and Hooky.

Kikoland is split by age group (0-2 years, 3-5 years and so on) and has different areas with both indoor and outdoor play as well as little paddling pools.  There is also a big amphitheatre as well as loads of sport facilities for older kids with tennis courts, soccer pitches and so on.  The staff who work there are all really enthusiastic and friendly, getting the kids involved with activities and so on.  You can drop over three’s off to be looked after but can stay with your kids if you want to.

As if all that isn’t enough there is also KikoPark which is an indoor small soft play area which is supervised by the kids entertainment team.  Again, it is split into age appropriate zones and you can drop your over three’s off if you want to.  Even when you stay with your children the staff chat away to them and get them involved, they work really hard.

Every evening there is a mini disco at 7.30pm for an hour where Kiko makes an appearance and on a Saturday night there is a special show where the children are encouraged to get involved and dress up.  There are rehearsals in the afternoon.  I must say it is the most bizarre show I’ve ever seen, with the entertainment staff miming pretty badly to songs from the shows with bemused, dressed up children copying their dance moves.


The breakfasts were buffet style in one of three restaurants, all serving the same food.  The Hacienda was definitely the most popular as it was light and airy and had an outdoor bit too.  Unfortunately it got very busy and there were often queues or you were advised to go to one of the other restaurants (none of which had windows)  There is a waiter service breakfast room too but it is adults only.

The buffet choice was immense though with all the usual suspects and the hot food was generally hot.  Buffets are often easier with little kids at breakfast time as you can get your food when you want it rather than waiting for it to arrive.  Kiko, the costume character, regularly made an appearance at breakfast which the little kids loved.

Unsurprisingly for a hotel so large there are a lot of restaurants and if you were half-board or full-board you had a choice of buffet restaurants and then more ‘a la carte’ ones such as Teppanyaki, Italian and tapas.  We didn’t eat at any of the restaurants as there are so many places to eat in Playa Blanca and down at the marina.  We did order room service a couple of nights though when Master ATWWAH was a bit under the weather and although the choice was limited and the food was simple it was nice enough, and hot.

Other Facilities

There were a few shops in the hotel mainly selling clothes and we also hired a car from the car hire desk within the hotel.  And, babysitting is available on request, for a charge.  There is also a spa which we didn’t get a chance to try but it always smelled nice when we walked past.

Would I Recommend It?

It’s a great hotel for families and I’d definitely recommend it for pre-schoolers out of season.  Towards the end of our stay it got a lot busier as the Easter holidays started and there were a lot of kids around.  I’m not sure when Master ATWWAH starts school I will necessarily rush to book such a family focused hotel as it was pretty chaotic but maybe you get used to it the older your kids get 🙂

The weather was pretty bad during our holiday and chilly and lots of the indoor hotel space is open to the elements which meant areas were pretty cold.  There were also so many sofas in the lounge area, it was a bit odd as there weren’t that many guests.  In the summer it must be a lot busier but we did laugh as to how it resembled a furniture showroom.

Mrs ATWWAH’s Tips For Staying At The Princesa Yaiza

  • The Royal Kiko Suite is worth the extravagance if you have a couple of kids as there is tons of room and as they have their own bedroom you can avoid whispering or hiding in the bathroom until your bedtime
  • There is no need to go half or full board as there are so many child friendly restaurants nearby
  • Hire a car to explore the island for a couple of days
  • Get to the breakfast buffet early (pre-9am) if you want to sit in the Hacienda (the nicest area)



  1. That’s interesting to read – I’ve only ever seen the hotel from the outside when we’ve walked past. I knew it had a reputation for being child-friendly but wondered what it was actually like. Shame again you didn’t have better weather to enjoy the outdoor bits.

  2. We have priced up this hotel a couple of times and wondered if it was worth it. I am seriously thinking about this place for October half term although it will be a lot busier then wont it! Great review. Thanks.

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