Product Recommendation – Baby Bjorn Travel Cot

Like many baby related purchases the travel cot is one where you go into it a level headed, intelligent person able to make decisions and after 10 minutes of wandering around a shop or looking online you are bewildered with the choice of what should be a relatively easy purchase.  It is just a place for my baby to sleep when we are not sleeping at home in its usual cot, you innocently think.  I just want something easy to transport, put up, put down and is comfy enough that my baby will sleep when I want he/she to.

Ha ha, how naïve we are.  There is a huge array of travel cots available to the family who insist they are going to take their baby/toddler out of the familiar environs of its own home and travel somewhere, be that to the in-laws up the motorway or thousands of miles away on holiday.

After a trip to Mothercare and an online recce we decided to give the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot a go.  We already loved the highchair and had it made into a travel highchair even though it’s not intended to be.  So, we stuck with what we knew and were brand loyal to Baby Bjorn.

Unlike a lot of travel cots the Baby Bjorn isn’t wooden and clunky.  It comes in its own bag with a mattress and also fits in sheets and a blanket so is easy to transport on public transport or in your car.  It weighs 11lbs when it is all packed up in the bag.  And, you don’t need to spend lots of time putting it up and taking it down.  It’s ridiculously easy to put up and not that difficult to put down once you’ve done it once.  There are even nifty YouTube videos to show you what to do and also to prove it can be done in seconds.


Master ATWWAH has always been on the big side and it has easily seen him through from being a baby to being about 2 and a half.  BabyBjorn say it’s ideal for up to three year olds.

And, an advantage of its mesh sides means you don’t lie awake worrying that your child’s face is too close to the sides.

If you really need to you can even use it as a little playpen on holiday if you want to keep the baby safe whilst you’re getting ready yourself.  When he was younger Master ATWWAH would happily play with his cars and books in there for a little bit.

As it’s so easy to take down and put up we have always tended to put it away each morning rather than keeping it up all day which means you have more space in your mother in law’s spare room or hotel room.

It is pricier than some of the other travel cots available on the market (around £195 but shop around as you can find them cheaper) but it is well made (Baby Bump ATWWAH will definitely be making use of it when he/she arrives) and so easy to carry around and put up/take down it is worth the money.


  1. I spent two ridiculous months “researching” travel cots for a trip to New Zealand in an attempt to avoid paying for the expensive Baby Bjorn. Which I ended up buying anyway, with absolutely no regrets. Worth every penny! Easy to use and stash away in small London flat.

    ps. Great blog!

    • Thanks. You’re right, it may cost more than your average travel cot but it is well worth the money.

  2. Totally agree – I ended up testing a few travel cots for a magazine, and the Baby Bjorn is the one which we use now. So easy, nice and light and has a proper bag to carry it around (why don’t more manufacturers think of that?!).

    It’s amazing how bad some are… huge and quite clunky, one actually reduced me to tears of frustration trying to put it together, and one friend actually broke theirs because it was such a pain to get up and down.

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