Product Recommendation – Harry and Jacks’ Jet Pack

I’ve always believed that little kids and their own bags don’t really go that well together.  Before you set off somewhere there is much thought and preparation as to what they need to put in their bag and then halfway down the road they are already complaining that they don’t want to carry it as it’s too heavy.  But, I think I may have found a bag to change all that.

Harry and Jacks’ Jet Pack is the brainchild of Emma Williams, a mum to three young boys, who found it impossible to buy a birthday present for her eldest son, who had requested a bag which looked like a rocket jet pack.  So, her and her husband decided to design their own.  Admittedly it took fourteen months so I imagine her son got another birthday present instead that year but the jet pack has already won many design and product launch awards.

But, more importantly would it pass the Master ATWWAH test and be a bag that he would be happy to carry around with him on a day out in London and secondly, would it be a bag which I wouldn’t mind carrying on his behalf if I had to?

You can see why the design took 14 months as there are so many features which really do make it look like a rocket jet pack.  It is 3D so it looks like an actual jet pack is on your back, it isn’t just a regular backpack with an illustration printed on it.  It has two jet tanks where you can unzip the nose cones and find loads of space for toys and snacks.  There is also the more traditional rucksack element of the bag with more room to put things, along with a brilliant touch, an adventure wrist strap with controls for the jet pack.  If the wrist strap isn’t worn it can go around one of the shoulder straps and doesn’t look out of place.  And, safety is not forgotten with reflective elements designed into the packs for when the days are shorter and the walk home from nursery or school is darker.

boy with bag

Master ATWWAH insisted on putting the Jet Pack on straight away

Master ATWWAH thought it was marvellous and instantly wanted it on his back and asked us to put the adventure wrist strap on too.  He really was half convinced that if he pressed the wrist strap he’d blast off into space.  I think he was a bit disappointed this didn’t actually happen but he has insisted on wearing the wrist strap every time we have used it.

Even Mini ATWWAH, at 10 months old, has had some use from the jet pack as a baby sensory toy.  He loves getting his hands on it and playing with the zips and Velcro bits.

playing with jet pack

Mini ATWWAH finding a new use for the Jet Pack – a baby sensory toy

The jet pack had its first trip out to the Udderbelly  Festival in London.  Master ATWWAH loaded it with a couple of drinks, snacks, a book and a toy car.  The jet pack is really well made and could potentially fit tons of stuff into it without it losing its shape or tearing.  I didn’t want Master ATWWAH to overload it too much though as I was adamant he had to wear it himself all day rather than to pass it to me or his dad as he usually does.  And, he did.  When we got on the train he took it off but it was straight back on as soon as we got off and he even claimed it made him run faster.

waiting on train platform

Waiting for the train with the Jet Pack and a stick (obviously)

The jet pack also got quite a bit of attention from other people.  I saw a few kids looking at it quite enviously and a dad at the table next to us in Giraffe asked where we had got it from and said it was brilliant.  It also raised a smile from people on the train as I fielded Master ATWWAH’s questions which included ‘is this really what astronauts would wear?’ ‘if I press this will I blast off?’ ‘what if I don’t come back?’ and ‘can we get daddy one too?’

I definitely recommend it for any kid who is fascinated by space, they would love it.  And it would be a big hit with parents who like their kids stuff to be  stylish but sturdy.

The Jet Pack has accompanied us on a number of days out since its inaugural trip and Master ATWWAH even took it to nursery for show and tell which is possibly the highest accolade it could be given.  And I have promised that he can take it on our next holiday as his hand luggage.  There is easily enough room for hand luggage essentials in there and I reckon I’m almost guaranteed he will carry it himself at the airport, an extra bonus.

The Jet Pack is currently priced at £22.50.  You could find a regular basic backpack for less on the High Street but they are a lot smaller than the Jet Pack and the price is definitely competitive compared with the more unusual backpacks you can buy like the Skip Hop Zoo range.  When Master ATWWAH started nursery I got him one of the Skip Hop Zoo monkey ones and it was £20.

The Jet Pack is available to buy online from Harry and Jacks website and on Amazon.

Disclaimer – we were sent a Jet Pack for the purpose of this review but I genuinely would recommend this product.  My policy is that if I don’t like a product that I am sent then I would speak to the company who sent it but I wouldn’t write a review/recommendation about it.  

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