Product Recommendation – Safety 1st Portable Compact Fold Bedrail

Now that Master ATWWAH is getting older his Baby Bjorn travel cot is no longer required (although I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them)   At home he sleeps in a bed converted from his cot so it’s still pretty small and not far off the ground but we knew on our recent holiday that he would be sleeping on either a sofa bed or a single bed so to ensure we actually got some sleep we figured taking a bed guard would be a good idea.  We toyed with the idea of an inflatable toddler bed and there are tons of them around but Mr ATWWAH decided he wouldn’t want to sleep on an inflatable bed for nine nights so why would we expect Master ATWWAH to do the same.

We ended up buying the Safety 1st Portable Compact Fold Bedrail which once you got it out of its packaging was, as it said on the box, compact.  It fitted fine into Mr ATWWAH’s suitcase and wasn’t too heavy (998g to be exact according to the product specification).  It folds flat and down which really helps in making it portable.  It also seemed to be suitable for any type of bed and the manufacturer recommends it’s fine to use from 18 months up until the child is 22kg.

It attached really easily to the side of the bed with no fuss or swearing (always a bonus)  As the bed Master ATWWAH was sleeping on was put next to a sofa only having one rail worked fine and you only get one when you order them so if you know your child is going to be sleeping in a bed where two sides are exposed then make sure you buy two.  The rail stayed on the bed all holiday and was just as secure nine days after we had put it on.

Safety barrier

All secure…..

Definitely recommend – easy to transport and use with no accidents.  They seem to be available from all the usual stockists including Safety 1st’s own website and retail at £20

Please note – this is a product recommendation based on our own experiences.  We bought the bedrail ourselves and Safety 1st have not asked us to write a recommendation or review.  If you would like us to try one of your products then please get in touch at



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  1. Oh that looks clever – fortunately my 20-month-old is still small enough to fit into a travel cot for now, but I suspect it won’t be too long before that’s not an option. Given the amount she wriggles, this could come in VERY useful…

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