Product Recommendation – Skoot Ride On

Master ATWWAH has always loved having his own ‘holiday bag’ when we go away.  Usually for hand luggage we take his little monkey bag but we decided for our recent holiday we’d go with a ride on that he could pack himself and be responsible for in the airport.  Trunki was the obvious choice.  They are ubiquitous and that must be for a reason, right?  Master ATWWAH and I had whittled down the choices to the Gruffalo or dinosaur design by looking online. Big decisions.

Mr ATWWAH then mentioned that a new shop in our area stocked Trunkis so rather than buying online off him and Master ATWWAH went on a little shopping trip to buy one.  But what they came back with was neither the Gruffalo or the dinosaur.  It was a case shaped like a dog.

Skoot Ride On

Is it a dog or a bike???

Apparently Master ATWWAH preferred it to the Trunkis on offer and Mr ATWWAH thought it looked cool.  And, I was informed, it’s not a dog, it’s a motorbike.  I get that I suppose, it’s called Skoot and looks a bit Vespa like but it still looks like a dog to me, one of those from Doctor Who.

Anyway, how did it fare on its first holiday?

Is there room for everything in there?  I don’t think there it has as much depth as a Trunki but for hand luggage it was perfect.  We got books for the flight, spare clothes, pull ups, wipes and hot weather clothes and shoes for our arrival in there.  For a night or two away it would be perfect as the only bag you need.

Does it pass the hand luggage size test?  Yes easily and you can also take the handles off if you want to which helps with fitting it into the overhead storage onboard.

Is Master ATWWAH suitably entertained by it?  Definitely.  He loved sitting on it and being pulled along as well as walking and pulling it along himself.  Luckily Terminal 5 at Heathrow is pretty quiet on a Saturday night so people’s ankles were spared.  I also noticed that other people smiled when they saw it, maybe as it isn’t as popular as the Trunki.


Which gate are we looking for?

Is it sturdy?  Yes, although the strap did come off it a couple of times when we were pulling Master ATWWAH along which was a bit annoying.  It was also easy to carry on your shoulder with the strap as it was adjustable.

Is it worth the money?  This is a difficult one although as Mr ATWWAH scores top points for supporting local, independent businesses it would appear he was fleeced and he spent £60 on it which is outrageous and a whole lot more than a Trunki.  I was appalled when he told me how much it was.  I am even more appalled when I’ve looked online and seen you can get one from Argos at £20!!!!   However, I suppose in the spirit of this blog we make the mistakes you don’t have to 🙂

So, my recommendation is if you’re looking for a cute, ride on suitcase and don’t fancy a Trunki then a Skoot is a good idea but look online at prices before you buy and don’t take Mr ATWWAH shopping with you.


Shop around before buying….

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