Scary school holidays

School holidays are scary for parents of children who are toddler age or below.  Forget Halloween, it’s not the ghosts and skeletons you have to be frightened of it’s the older children who appear out of nowhere at your usual sanctuaries.

An afternoon in a soft play area or at the local park becomes a survival of the fittest assault course when you throw in school age kids.  The usual wander around the park picking up leaves and throwing them in the air, splashing in muddy puddles and conquering the ‘big slide’ are now punctuated with child size obstacles, scooter races to dodge and big feet hitting little faces on the steps up the slide.


They won’t find me here

A trip around the supermarket doesn’t just involve the threat of your toddler having a tantrum as you plonk them in the trolley seat but the future is laid out before you with older children complaining they are bored, others starting every sentence with ‘I want…’ and more squabbling siblings than an episode of EastEnders.

Any organised child friendly activities become booked up months in advance and they all feel a bit too old for your toddler anyway.  Older siblings are  reluctantly taken to regular toddler activities and look suitably unimpressed throughout but add an air of mystery to the toddlers present.  As we all know toddlers love older kids and copying them.

Swimming pool timetables are in disarray with the usual set times for babies and toddlers becoming ‘open swimming’ and you’re in luck if you’re only dunked once by an enthusiastic six year old.

Theme parks, museums, any sort of tourist attraction are over-run with parents desperately trying to entertain their older children and provide a stimulating day out whilst avoiding the gift shop.

Tate Modern

This is how I like Tate Modern – empty

You can’t escape on a holiday, it’s too expensive to go during term time if you really don’t need to.

But then maybe all of this is a good thing. It reminds us parents that they don’t stay little for young, we can see what is in store and how other parents deal with things and  it’s good for toddlers to mix with older kids and learn that if you’re not quick enough somebody bigger and quicker than you will get to the top of the slide first 🙂


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