Skiing Holidays With Kids

I’ve never been on a skiing holiday.  It has never appealed to me for a number of reasons including too much physical exertion, it’s cold, I’m good at breaking bones whilst on two feet so adding skis to the equation will only result in calamity and I have a danger chip.

However Mr ATWWAH enjoys skiing and used to go at least a couple of times a year with his friends although that has fallen by the wayside since we had children.  But now Master ATWWAH is three there has been talk of a family ski holiday.  Aargh.

When I saw on Facebook that one of my ex-colleagues had taken her two small children skiing I had to ask for more details.  And, she very kindly agreed to let me share there holiday story on here as well as some of her photos which even for an anti-skier like me I have to admit make it look pretty amazing.  In fact, if you get a chance check out Sharron’s photography portfolio on her site they’re gorgeous.

How is this for a work jolly?  Sharon’s husband, Dom, works for a company which takes the whole team skiing in Switzerland every year as a team building exercise.  It certainly beats sitting in a conference room on a business park doesn’t it?  And, if that wasn’t enough you can take your family if they pay for their flights.  So, Dom and Sharron and their two kids Will (7) and Greta (2) headed to Lenzerheide, Switzerland for four days.

Family skiing

Sharron and her gorgeous family

What I love is that neither Dom or Sharron, let alone the kids, had ever been skiing before.  But they packed a whole lot in including going down a 3.8km toboggan run which is illuminated at night if you fancy a bit of night sledging.  Sharron only found out afterwards that you’re not meant to use the brakes but she had them on all the way down.

Greta’s favourite activity was snowboarding which she apparently loved to the extent that she would have a tantrum every time she had to get off it.  Her instructor, Warwick, was brilliant with her and a great teacher for kids.  The adults had snowboard lessons too with a ratio of 1 instructor to 4 in the class.

learning to snowboard

Greta learning the ropes

The scariest activity they did was sledge down the Rohorn which Sharron describes as ‘pretty epic yet dangerous’.  Eek.

One of the things I’ve never understood about skiing is why would people go on holiday to get really cold and wet all day but Sharron has blown that theory out of the water as despite going to Switzerland in February and packing lots of extra thermals they weren’t needed as it was so hot.

As with any good holiday food featured heavily and the kids tried sauerkraut for the first time and liked it.  As they were staying at a B&B, which Sharron likened to a campervan, with very weird décor including cuckoo clocks and wooden walls, breakfast was sorted.  Lunch was self catering and dinner was spent in the big house which the rest of Dom’s work party were staying in prepared by a private chef that the company had flown out no less.

Unsurprisingly Sharron and Dom had no spare time to themselves and evenings were spent with the rest of the work party drinking wine and catching up on everyone else’s day.  Sounds like the perfect team building to me.

Sharron’s big tip for taking the kids on a ski/snowboard holiday is to go in a big group which includes other children so that you can take it in turns with childcare while others have ski lessons.  While they were there they got plastic toboggans and had loads of fun with the kids at the bottom of the slopes playing on those.

scenery shot

Amazing scenery

The place that the main group were staying at on Sharron’s trip sounds perfect if you’re holidaying with other families, it was called The Lodge and she said the owners were brilliant collecting everyone from the airport etc.

I must admit after hearing about Sharron’s experience it does sound do-able especially as you don’t have to commit to a whole week away.  A weekend would be a great introduction.  I may just need to work on controlling my danger chip.

Have you taken the kids skiing or is it the type of holiday which fills you with dread?

sleeping child

No need to worry whether the kids will sleep after a day on the slopes

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