Skydiving in Empuriabrava

If you approach Empuriabrava during the daytime you will know you are headed in the right direction as you see skydivers floating in the sky above you.  It is the home of Skydive Empuriabrava and is renowned as being the world’s most popular skydiving zone.

Anyone can go along to Skydive Empuriabrava and watch what is going on.   There is a small grandstand type viewing platform that you can sit on and watch the two little planes take off and land with their expectant jumpers and then see them float above you on their way down.

Our villa was a 10 minute drive away from the skydive centre and some afternoons all you could hear was the faint noise of the fabric as the chute opened and whoops or screams of joy from those doing tandem jumps.  When you are at the skydive place it is amazing how close the experienced skydivers come in to you, literally right over your head on the grandstand.  They also come in really fast, it’s very impressive.


You know you are almost in Empuriabrava when you see skydivers above you

I’d love to say that I had a go, I was so tempted.  I’ve never done a skydive and it’s something that I’ve always hoped I’d be brave enough to do but I thought about it too much and wimped out.  I kept thinking of excuses as to why I shouldn’t do it but they were silly excuses really.  I wear glasses and have terrible eyesight without them so I convinced myself it wouldn’t be worth doing as I wouldn’t be able to see anything anyway as I wouldn’t have my glasses on.  Pitiful I know.

tandem skydive

A tandem skydive in Empuriabrava

Mr ATWWAH wasn’t keen on me doing it, he’s very risk averse, but that made me question whether I should do it or not.  Although I’m not blaming him for me not doing it, I’m my own person and do enough other stuff that he doesn’t necessarily think is a good idea.  Master ATWWAH thought it was a marvellous idea and actively encouraged me even speculating loudly whether I’d go flat like Flat Stanley if the chute didn’t open.  Hmm……

Since coming home I’ve read on the skydive centre’s website that if you are tempted you should just do it and not over think it.  Over-thinking is a bit of a theme of mine at the minute but that is a whole other blog 🙂

We did have lots of fun there the morning we went to watch what was going on.  We even saw the Qatar skydiving team practising a formation on the ground and then doing a jump for real.  I didn’t even realise that countries had skydiving teams.

Qatar skydiving team

The Qatar skydiving team practising in Empuriabrava

Qatar team going to plane

Looking a lot more relaxed than I would have done heading for the little plane…..

The clear blue skies and gorgeous views of Empuriabrava are a real draw for anyone thinking of doing a skydive.  Mr ATWWAH kept saying to me that I could always do a jump back in England but as gorgeous as the countryside here is it’s not quite the same on what would probably be a cloudy, grey, cold day.  Maybe a sponsored skydive can be my excuse for returning to the Costa Brava?

If you are braver than I am and want to have a go at skydiving in Empuriabrava you can book your tandem sky dive in advance online or even book when you are there.  When I asked about it at the centre you can usually get a slot for late afternoon if you ask in the morning, or, at worse, the next morning.  Tandem skydives start from 250euro.

Have you ever done a skydive?  Was I an idiot for wimping out?  Or, have you done anything else out of your comfort zone on holiday?  I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I have skydived and loved it – I got over half way to qualifying (have only ever jumped solo) but having stopped before my daughter was born, I do wonder if I’d do it again. My travels have had plenty if adrenaline thrills, the thought I might never be able to do it again otherwise!

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